What do the foreign audience about Soviet films

Movie titles "Operation Y", "Luxury cruise for psycho", "Kidnapping of the Caucasian" or "Hello! I am the king Ivan "strike us as complete strangers. However, beneath the surface, the movies that we know by heart and loved since childhood, and under such unusual names, they came out at different times at the box office in other countries. Foreign viewers cult Soviet films often perceive well, many feel that their level is much higher than Hollywood. However, some things innocent in our view, could cause their bewilderment, rejection and even shock.

What do the foreign audience about Soviet films

"Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears"

Released just a year after the boycott of the Moscow Olympics the Americans, the film suddenly could make a dent in the "Iron Curtain". He won the "Oscar", but our guide was so not ready for such an eventuality, which is not even released Vladimir Menshov at the ceremony, and the cherished statuette fell into his hands, only eight years later. However, the whole world was surprised to discover that the Russian - not unfeeling robots and people, issues and emotions that can empathize. American cinema halls were packed, and the film became a real favorite abroad. It is interesting that after a certain time, Ronald Reagan specially revisited it before the visit to the USSR, believing this picture encyclopedia of Soviet life.

What do the foreign audience about Soviet films


This is another film that usually makes foreigners stormy positive reaction. For special effects spoiled viewers seem real revelation is the idea that fiction can be removed like this - no spectacular shots and dissecting the galaxy gleaming spaceships. In this case, the humor, the unusual story and brilliant acting is completely cover some technical shortcomings. Conventional epithets foreigners for the first time to join our dystopia are: "Best ever film made" and "great indeed." Most of the Americans are very sorry for that this masterpiece is not enough known in world cinema, but, in fact, at the time the film was shown with great success in North and South America, Europe, China and Japan.

What do the foreign audience about Soviet films

"Operation Y" and all the other adventures Shurik

Since the letter "Y" in foreign languages ​​is usually a big problem with the translation of the name it is usually replaced with a "Y". However, all the difficulties of perception are exhausted. Our favorite comedy is perceived by residents of all other countries simply "Hurray". And Alexander Demyanenko rightly cause considerable surprise - why it is so wonderful actor not known for all over the world, because he "is much funnier than Jim Carrey." This comparison is often found in a review.

What do the foreign audience about Soviet films

But when viewing the "Caucasian captive", for example, the following questions arise from foreign comrades:

- My ass is for you as a tethered "- this phrase really is possible to get acquainted? Really?

- The film is just 6 minutes, and it came to alcohol! If this employee reception heavily drunk, who's going to work for him?

What do the foreign audience about Soviet films

- Raise hostage mood with the help of dance and song? A good plan.

- Bad guys shooting pickles instead of real weapons. It seems that these are the most peace-loving bad guys in movie history.

- Oh no! That's the ending! I still have a lot of questions. Where are they all going? Why is she wearing white shoes with heels walking in the mountains? Where is her thing at all? Because they love each other or not?

"Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia"

Of course, the perception of the film - a very personal moment, and here it is impossible to label, focusing on the opinions of a few spectators, but, nevertheless, a favorite in Russia, a comedy Ryazanov Italians sometimes causes irritation. In their view, the film too primitive repeats stereotypes about the Mafia and puts the Italians in the idiot light. Probably, critically-minded audience better not to show the song "Uno Momento" by Faraday and Abdulov.

What do the foreign audience about Soviet films

"The White Sun of the Desert"

"Western Russian" with "Russian Indiana Jones" is very popular with foreigners. Perhaps this film has everything that they expect from us - adventure, beautiful girls, historical background, a very special homesickness, and incredible depth, for which the whole world has got used to find the "mysterious Russian soul". The film was released in a foreign hire even with the light hand of Leonid Brezhnev, who was a fan of his, and since then well known throughout the world.

What do the foreign audience about Soviet films

Children's films

Here the views of foreigners may sometimes diverge from ours, and very serious. Some Soviet masterpieces are perceived well. "The Mystery of the Third Planet" are usually surprised incredible artistic style, which is compared with the "psychedelic dreams." In "Red Riding Hood" and "The Adventures of Pinocchio" foreigners affected intricate plot, professional actors play the children and, of course, the incredible beauty of the music. Although difficulties in perception happen here:

"Buratino (t. E. Pinocchio) plays an outstanding boy-actor, whose amusing children's figure turned into a maniacal, terrifying beast, achieving this strange and monstrous costume makeup. His high-pitched voice and laughter will make your ears ring, unless of course you are not accustomed to this, but it plays accurately and charmingly. "(Foreign viewer opinion)

What do the foreign audience about Soviet films

However, one of our fairy tales for some reason caused a very negative reaction from the Americans. Of course, among them were those who liked the movie, but most still speak out about it very sharply. We are talking about "Jack Frost":

- The strangest film in the history of cinema ... - Yes, this film sounds awful. But note that it is present in the supernatural surrealism ...

- Worst of all, this film is called child ... This schizophrenic, terrifying, psychopathic hodgepodge. If I saw this film as a child, I would have gone mad.

- I was still interested to know the juicy details about life in rural Russia. I had no idea that before introduction to a potential husband Russian girl makes a clown make-up and wear the crown as the diner Burger King!

What do the foreign audience about Soviet films

It is strange that the viewer, accustomed to films, horror, especially poorly perceived "walking home, long-bearded ugly guy who freezes trees and kills birds, sled like a pig and mushroom gnome".

However, it should be noted that such an opinion is expressed overseas viewers. Eastern Europeans, for example, like a story no less of us. Probably, they are more familiar with Baba-Yaga and Santa Claus.

What do the foreign audience about Soviet films