Toothpaste at home

• Toothpaste at home

All we are used to brush your teeth at least 2 times a day with toothpaste. If it is possible, after each meal. And, it would seem, for what else can serve as a toothpaste is not for brushing teeth. By its name even understand why it is used, but the composition remains a mystery to many.

Toothpaste at home

The toothpaste mentioned in ancient Egypt, but only if it was in powder form. And the staff was quite simple. Before for making toothpaste took firm "Colgate" toothpaste consisted of a major salt and grated soap. By the way a pretty great way to brush your teeth with soap. 5-6 years ago on TV news shows interviews with 84-year-old grandmother, who had very white teeth, all 32, all 32 were his relatives. To doctors did not address, caries was never, never hurt teeth, gums, too - the secret lay in the fact that she is a child brushing her teeth and a mild soap!

In today's toothpaste in the composition of which only no. This substance, which fight and prevent caries, fight plaque and paste substances which are foamed. As there are ingredients that do not allow the paste to dry, and finish well, an ingredient that fights germs. All of these substances in their own good and bad at the same time. Some of them are part of other consumer products.

Let's see where else used toothpaste:

1. In most cases the toothpaste used for cleaning silver jewelery, articles and silverware. All that is needed is to apply toothpaste on the toothbrush and thoroughly clean the silver. Then it is necessary to wash off the toothpaste and rub silver cloth or towel to shine. 2. Another toothpaste is used as the elimination of fine scuffs on watch dials, screens, mobile phones, MP4 players. All that is needed - on a soft sponge or a piece of paralon put a little toothpaste, rub the screen. Wipe with a damp cloth remnants.

3. The same success is famous toothpaste to polish small scratches on the car, toothpaste well grinds nuzhoe place car.

4. If you have yellowed nails, it does not matter. Carefully rub your nails with toothpaste and rinse. If we are pasta whiten teeth and silver, and with the nails as easily cope.

5. As toothpaste is used in the treatment of wounds, bruises, herpes. If a wound is to be applied toothpaste can help to stop the blood and accelerate healing (but do not forget that not all components of the paste are equally useful). If it is a hematoma or a simple bruise, a small amount of toothpaste will help the rapid resorption of bruises. Herpes desirable to apply toothpaste overnight, it dries the skin and forms a dry film of herpes which soon withers and quickly disappears.

6. Just toothpaste can be seen in the shop windows in the form of drawings. Especially in the winter time and closer to the new year, the toothpaste is ideal for drawing snow and snowmen.

7. Previously, in schools, on the lessons of labor, the toothpaste was used as a primer before painting products from plasticine. Agree very convenient to paint dazzle figure when it is white, and it perfectly adheres paint. 8. If you are in the kitchen cleaned a lot of garlic or Tsibulya or drinking beer with salted fish, then of course your hands are soaked with these smells. Hand washing with soap does not work, the smell still remains. This is where you can help the toothpaste. Wash hands with toothpaste and smell of fish, garlic or Tsibulya disappear. (By the way, since I started talking about beer with the fish, the smell from the fish will get rid of the most beer. Rinse hands with them, and the smell will be gone immediately, then wash your hands with water and traces of beer with fish, as well as unprecedented.

9. Toothpaste perfectly laundered between the tiles and tile joints in the bathroom.

10. If you do not want to have in the bathroom mirror perspiring, wash it with toothpaste.

11. From the deep-rooted traces of tea on a glass coffee table, countertop in the kitchen will help get rid of the usual toothpaste is enough to rub the spot pasta and rinse with water.

12. There were traces of lipstick on their clothes? No problem. Apply to site lipstick layer of toothpaste, rub and leave minutes at 10. After that rub and rinse again. Stain is gone.

In fact, ways to apply toothpaste more.