As to sleep for 5 hours

Dream - an integral part of life for all living beings. The quality of sleep directly affects the metabolic processes in the body, concentration and brain receptivity to information, because in this state we are a third of his life. Studies show that regular neglect of healthy sleep, which lasts from 6 to 8 hours causes obesity, diabetes, depression and impaired cardiovascular function. But, you can use the following tips in an emergency, when a dream is just a few hours:


As to sleep for 5 hours

Coffee - a great drink that gives vitality and improves brain function. But! If you are the intended target to sleep for a few hours - caffeine can play with you bad joke. Research scientists from the sleep disorders center at Henry Ford Hospital, set out to find out: it is bad coffee for a good sleep.

12 healthy volunteers who do not have sleep problems, introduces additional 400 mg of caffeine per day (equivalent to 4 cups of coffee) 3 times a day, at 0, 3 and 6 hours before sleep. During the experiment, the absolute majority of the participants who consumed coffee at 0 and 3 hours were sleep disorders: sleep has become precipitous, and its quality has deteriorated noticeably. But, at the same time, participants who consumed caffeine 6 hours before bedtime did not notice the changes in this regard.

It is worth mentioning that also adversely affect sleep alcohol and nicotine.

Periodic awakening at night - the main obstacle on the way to "sleep." Do you want to sleep tight without awakenings? Coffee and strong tea - strictly for 6-7 hours before bedtime, and preferably before noon.

Water treatments

As to sleep for 5 hours

Our body has a function of circadian rhythm. He controls our sleep-wake cycles. And, among many features, such as day and night, the body also relies on body temperature in order to understand whether we sleep or wake up to go.

At night, the body temperature drops a little. It is necessary to begin to produce melatonin and prepare you for sleep. The maximum low temperature of the body reaches the early morning. Then, the temperature begins to rise, in order to wake you up and prepare for a new day.

So. A warm shower before bed works on the principle teploregulyatora. Coming out of the bathroom, the water evaporates rapidly from the skin - the body cools and the pressure drops slightly. For the body is a major signal that it is time to sleep. You go to sleep quietly and easily. In addition, warm or cool shower, relaxes both physically and emotionally. At least because in these few minutes, you can not read the news, watch videos or check social networks. Also, water helps cope with the stress accumulated during the day.

Note: it is not recommended before going to bed, take a hot shower, or even worse, the bath or the sauna / steam bath. Since the body will need plenty of time to restore body temperature and blood pressure. And it will be difficult to fall asleep, and is likely to affect the quality of sleep.


As to sleep for 5 hours

Surprisingly, the temperature in the room reaches 15-19C ° is optimal for a healthy sleep. Open windows and the cool night air will contribute to the proper functioning of the heart and blood pressure. Again, as in the previous paragraph, it is necessary to lower the body temperature, which will signal the body to prepare for sleep.

The fresh air that will circulate in the room without the congestion, as well as impact on sleep. But do not leave the windows wide open at night, at extremely low temperatures outside. The body will expend a lot of energy to keep warm, especially when freezing limbs.

The room for sleeping should not be electronic devices. Of course, today is difficult to imagine if the smartphone will be from us farther than an arm's length, but it is desirable to eliminate. Phones, tablets, and other screens have a blue light - short and bright wavelength. The intensity of light penetrates the photoreceptors in the retina of the eye. The brain perceives glare screen for the day. Accordingly, it knocks the circadian rhythm of the body and harder to prepare for bed. Also, the blue light suppresses melatonin production, which regulates the sleep cycle.


As to sleep for 5 hours

Meditation - is a great way of psychological relief. He was known centuries ago.

There are many ways, but the most popular is mindfulness meditation. Lying in bed, you are fully concentrating on his body and breath. At that time, as you follow the breath, in the head should not remain any thoughts. Pulse slows down during meditation, stress hormones are reduced, and blood pressure falls. There are many cases where meditation helps people in stressful situations in a long depression and insomnia.

Yes, most likely you look at and think: "All this is so obvious." But let's be honest, how many of the items we really perform at least sometimes, not to mention the regularity. These are the main recommendations to ensure that improve sleep. Of course, the theory of sleep can speak very much. Sleep, very fragile thing and its properties are not yet fully understood. Among other things, even the quality of nutrition, lifestyle, psychological state, and even bedding can affect sleep duration.

These tips will help your body relax for fewer hours and feel alert during the day. However, the sleep duration can not be considered healthy in 4-5 hours. And this sleep system on a regular basis will lead to a chronic lack of sleep. And he, in turn, can result in more serious problems, both physical and emotional.