Soviet UAZ-469 with two rudders: what he needed

• The Soviet UAZ-469 with two rudders: why it was necessary

In the world there are many strange modifications of quite conventional vehicles. One of the best examples of such a machine can be considered a UAZ-469, which was produced in the Soviet Union, including with two rudders. Immediately the question arises: why all needed such an unusual car.

Soviet UAZ-469 with two rudders: what he needed Soviet UAZ-469 with two rudders: what he needed

Certainly the majority of citizens do not even have heard about the UAZ-469 with two rudders. That's because the car is produced in limited edition especially for the Soviet army. The first thing that may come in the head man in the street, is the fact that two of the steering wheel in a mysterious car needs to someone something to teach. In fact it is not so. Military version of UAZ-469 is designed to perform a very dangerous job. The fact that these cars are designed specifically for the installation of induction mine detector (DIM).

Soviet UAZ-469 with two rudders: what he needed

Suspended DIM is used to search for antipersonnel and antitank mines in open areas, as well as on the road. It represents minesweeper sufficiently bulky structure, which is attached in a special way in front of the vehicle. Mine detector consists of a remote frame, suspended search element, the tracer and the electrical system. The first such machines were set up in the Soviet Union on the basis of GAZ-69, but later they were replaced by more advanced UAZ.

Soviet UAZ-469 with two rudders: what he needed

From the original mine-detecting vehicle is not only a set DIM. So, for brake and clutch actuators were attached additional pneumatic. The transmission system has been supplemented by the compressor. All this was done to ensure that the driver was able to stop the car as quickly as possible.

Operating speed with lowered DIM can not exceed 10 km / h. mine detector crew consists of a driver and operator. Actually, the second steering wheel just need to manage the induction mine detector, which has its own chassis. Also on the car mounted two special cans with colored liquid, which flowed into the road while driving, noting thereby safe lane.