Terms of Use deodorant

Selection of modern deodorants diverse: stick, crystal or spray - it's up to you. In this article you will find information about the properties of each of the deodorants and you can choose the one that suits you.

Terms of Use deodorant

Deodorants can be divided into natural, which are created from natural minerals, and potent agent with an antibacterial effect. The first is usually harmless to the environment, the second part is more aggressive, but to call them dangerous is still impossible.

The main rule when selecting a deodorant - it does not cause allergic reactions. If you experience dry skin, itching, rashes and other pain you should immediately stop using the selected tool.

How to properly use deodorant

- Deodorants any type commonly used to eliminate the smell of sweat. That is, the deodorant kills the bacteria which decompose perspiration in the area. A deodorant-antiperspirant blocks the sweat and has bactericidal properties.

- Pay attention to the composition, which is written on the label of deodorant: aluminum salts and parabens are not held in high esteem by doctors and beauticians.

- marking on the label "24 hours", "48 hours", "72 hours" means the period of operation of deodorant, for how long the sweat glands will be narrowed. - Deodorant correctly applied only on clean skin of armpits, in some cases - in the groin, but in any case, without affecting the mucosa.

- Deodorant can be used before visiting the baths, saunas, beach. In hot weather, you can use a deodorant, in the cold - deodorant antiperspirant.

- Choose natural fabrics, they prolong the feeling of freshness of the body after applying deodorant, even at high physical exertion in hot weather.

- If the skin is prone to dryness and rashes, then you can use alcohol-based deodorant daily.

- Deodorants with strong antibacterial ingredients in the composition is better to use in case of emergency.

An aerosol deodorant: how to use the

An aerosol deodorant spray or controls mainly body odor and not sweating itself. aerosol deodorant coating density is low, and a deodorant spray process itself can not be considered useful for your body and the environment. Sprayable aerosol spray at a distance of 10 centimeters from the underarms, use after washing on dry skin. Do not apply deodorant after shaving and in the presence of skin lesions.

Stick (hard and dry deodorant): how to use the

Solid deodorant has more effect and antiperspirant, controls the production of sweat glands. coating density is sufficiently high: the substrate it is distributed evenly over the skin protective layer. Among the few drawbacks: solid stick can slide into lumps and leave marks on clothes. Apply to clean, dry skin.

The ball (roller) Deodorant: how to use

Plastic ball distributes deodorant substance in the skin, blocking the sweat glands and eliminating odor. It dries up immediately, so you should wait after application. As the stick, roll-on deodorant can leave marks and slide. Roller deodorant can even be applied on slightly damp skin.

Deodorant crystal deodorant or a mineral: how to use

Natural deodorant, which included use alum. They possess antibacterial and healing properties. Crystal can be either in the form of stick, and in an aerosol form, the only difference is in the composition. Natural alum should be slightly wet with water and wet edge process armpits.

also need to be dampened with water deodorant stick and apply a wet layer on the skin.

Advantages of the crystal in that it is quite natural, since it contains no preservatives or harmful components. Deodorant Crystal does not cause inflammation in the skin and can be used as a wound-healing agent. In addition, mineral deodorants do not interfere limfosistemy work are odorless and safe for application immediately after shaving and depilation of any type.

Of the minuses: crystal deodorant should not be stored in damp places, put on the marble and granite surfaces.

Deodorant Crystal from Thailand: how to use deodorant Thai

Thai Deodorant Crystal - one of the safest and ethical means of's Skin Care. SUPER SAVER they have no odor and color. Crystal from Thailand does not clog pores, as the usual chemical deodorants, and kills the bacteria that provoke odor. If the crystal is broken to pieces, the pieces can be collected and melted in water for later use for other purposes.

Thai crystals are in one piece and melting the first piece made of miner without adding any other components, and processed normally contain fruit extracts, herbs or roots, widespread in Asia.