Ways to remove the glue from clothes

• Ways to remove the glue from clothes

The consequences of repairs, failures in the office weekdays and rolled back rhinestones or intrusive naykleyka ?! It does not matter, because we know how to remove the traces of glue with clothes at home. In this article you will find some life hacking, to help save the belongings of sticky spots!

Ways to remove the glue from clothes

Working with liquid adhesive to be very careful: it is not only difficult to scour from the clothes, but also on the skin. Before starting the output traces of glue, check fabric contaminated products for resistance to treatment with chemical and mechanical means.

How can I remove the glue from clothes to home: Recommendations

- Try not to run the situation, because the fresh glue to bring a lot easier than the dried stains.

- dab the damaged clothing or a piece of tissue section and delete any tissue glue residue with something sharp.

- removes traces of glue from clothing with gloves to protect the skin from the negative effects of chemical agents.

- In extremely severe cases it is better to turn to the dry cleaner, than to try to save the thing means at hand: it can further aggravate the situation.

How to remove traces of glue with clothes at home: define the kind of stain

Clay is different, it depends on the type of stains and how to deal with it. The most common types of contamination:

- PVA. Traces of this glue need to rinse with warm water, after removing the clothes inside. Lather soap stain and rub thoroughly with a brush. Soap can be replaced by a gel for washing dishes. Apply the detergent on a piece of cotton pad and rub soiled area. In that case, when both agents are powerless, comes to the aid of laundry detergent. Soak soiled item for 2-3 hours in the water with the powder, and then rinse with cold and washed in a jet machine. - superglue (glue "Moment"). For removing stains from such an adhesive is necessary to moisten a cotton pad in gasoline and rubbing them spoiled area. For wool and lint suitable aqueous solution of citric acid, which is necessary to rub contamination place.

- silicate glue. Dissolve in a basin with warm water and detergent 2-3 tablespoons baking soda. Put item into a bowl for a few hours, after slightly rub stiff brush.

- Clerical glue. The most "easily appeased" of all types of liquid adhesive: Soak the thing in cold water and rub the stain with a brush soap. And then apply machine washable.

- carpenter's glue. Scrubbed with soapy water solution, which thing is immersed for several hours.

- casein glue. Traces casein glue can be derived petrol or ammonia. Apply saving liquid on a cotton pad and gently rub into the area of ​​contamination.

How to remove a dried glue from clothes

- To remove traces of dried superglue with clothes need to pre-soak the thing in soapy water, and then try to remove the remains with a sharp object. Try to very gently scrape off dried-glue crust, so as not to damage the fabric. Try to moisten cotton pad with acetone or nail polish remover and gently rub smear of the dried adhesive.

- Do not use alcohol or solvents to remove dried adhesive residue with articles having bright prints or raised patterns: paint on clothing can suffer.

- The hardware stores sold a special tool for removing superglue before use, carefully read the instructions and type of damaged clothing fabrics. - Put a wet cloth in place of dried stain and leave it there for a few hours. Maintains a moist environment in the area of ​​the spot, and to enhance this effect lap cloth film or seal with adhesive tape. After 3-4 hours Take away the remnants of adhesive using a machine washable.

How to remove glue from stickers or rhinestones to clothing

- often on the clothes remain the glue spots after removal of stickers or rhinestones. And after the rub marks brush glue and water to wash away the stain is output, item Soak in warm soapy water for a couple of hours.

- You can also use alcohol compress: wet a cotton pad or cloth with ammonia, is applied to the stain and leave for 40-60 minutes under the film or tape. Wash the item in the washing machine.

- Grist spot of baking soda and rub your toothbrush from the adhesive spot should turn pale and disappear. To consolidate the results smazh stain solution of ammonia, leave for 30-40 minutes and then washed off in warm water thing.

- scrape the spot from stickers or loose rhinestones with a sharp object under a stream of warm water, then soak in a basin with laundry powder for two hours, and then washed in the machine.