Princess, who have not found happiness in marriage

Children's stories make many girls in the world to believe that the life of a princess - it is one continuous holiday. Palace techniques, respectful citizens, and the next - a real prince. But in fact, not always turn out happy princess, and for the external well-being are often hidden bitter tears, loneliness and longing. In our selection of today are the same princess, who could not find in marriage a long-awaited warmth and happiness.

Princess, who have not found happiness in marriage

Evdokia Lopuchin

Princess, who have not found happiness in marriage

She became the wife of Peter I, when the young king was only 16 years old, and most Evdokia Lopukhina - 20. Despite the fact that a wife for his son chose his mother Natalia, the first years of their marriage were truly happy. However, the passion of Peter I did not last long, and already three years later, the king was carried away by Anna Mons. However, until the mother's death, Peter did not show openly their negative attitude to his wife, but Natalia herself pretty soon disillusioned daughter, disliking her for her disobedience and stubbornness.

In 1698, after several failures Evdokia Lopukhina the veil, she was escorted to the monastery and forcibly tonsured in Suzdal Pokrovsky Monastery. In 1718, the former queen, who at that time was in connection with Stepan Glebov, forced to watch the execution of a loved one and his other supporters, and then was sent to Ladoga Uspensky Monastery, which is strictly monitored her every move. After the death of her former husband, she spent a few years in the monasteries, and only after the reign of Peter II's grandson was taken to Moscow with honors. She died in 1731.

Anna Fyodorovna

Princess, who have not found happiness in marriage

She was only 14 years old when Julian-Henrietta Ulrike Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld was married to 16-year-old Crown Prince Constantine Pavlovich. Spouse been rude and often frightened young wife with their antics. He could put it in a vase, in which, after the shooting, and she almost faints from fear.

When Constantine Pavlovich knew that in the light of Anna Feodorovna considered a beauty, he forbade her to leave the chamber. And this despite the fact that most of the Crown Prince could never be called a faithful husband. A few years after the wedding, in 1801, Anna Feodorovna was able to escape from her husband, but a divorce from him received only after almost 20 years.

Louise Danish

Princess, who have not found happiness in marriage

The daughter of King Frederik VIII of Denmark since childhood distressed family tendency to depression, and when the princess grew up, it was decided to marry. Grandma picked up for the older granddaughter, it would seem a good candidacy: Prince Frederick of Schaumburg-Lippskogo. Perhaps this marriage could be happy, but the young wife, despite the birth of the three heirs, desperately longing away from the parental home, and more and more immersed in depression.

She often left the wife and go to my father. In 1906, the Danish Louise died from the effects of meningitis, but at the time it was rumored that the Princess made an unsuccessful attempt to drown himself, as a result of a bad cold and died.

Princess current Xe

Princess, who have not found happiness in marriage

Life latest Korean princess from the Ly Dynasty was savory with the birth: a father, 60-year-old Emperor Gojong, refused to recognize a daughter born to concubines, and has made it into the list of family when she was 5 years old. Then at age 13 she was sent to Japan and not even allowed to attend the funeral of his mother. At age 19, Princess Hye current on the orders of the Emperor of Japan spouses married to an aristocrat Takeyuki Co. Marriage for both was a real torture. Against the background of current depression in Xe has developed a mental illness, it has long been treated at the clinic, after she divorced her husband on his initiative and lost her daughter, who was unable to come to terms with their parents' divorce.

Princess current Xe last years of life spent in Korea, surrounded by the family of his brother.

Princess Margaret

Princess, who have not found happiness in marriage

The Beauty and the rebel Margaret was the complete opposite of his sister, Princess Elizabeth. In his youth, Princess Margaret fell in love with Captain Peter Townsend, who served in the palace. However, the difference in the origin and social status of the lovers did not give them the opportunity to start a family, besides the captain was divorced. Princess could abandon the title and marry him after 25 years, but she decided to break up with Peter. Nevertheless, the first love left a mark on all her future life.

Soon after the news of the marriage of Peter Townsend hastily Princess Margaret married photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones. But this marriage was never happy. Even the birth of two children could not stop the Princess Margaret to make new and new novels. It was like trying to prove to myself and to the world the right to love. 18 years after the marriage of Margaret divorced.

Princess Diana

Princess, who have not found happiness in marriage

The queen of people's hearts was a hostage of his love for Prince Charles. She truly believed that he could be happy, but the husband was unhappy because of the inability to be with the one whom he had feelings. Camilla Parker-Bowles has always stood between Princess Diana and her husband. Lady Di suffered from depression, her husband rolled a tantrum, and then began to seek solace on the side. Later, and Prince Charles stopped hiding his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, and in 1996 the couple a divorce at the insistence of the Queen.

Princess Haya

Princess, who have not found happiness in marriage

For 15 years, Princess Haya bint Hussein was married to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. At first glance, this family was perhaps the model: a beautiful wife and two lovely children, financial well-being. Princess Haya all this time emphasized in his interview with the wife of dignity, praised his father's business and quality, thanks to fate for the opportunity to be close to such a worthy man.

In the summer of 2019 she escaped from the palace, along with two children and has initiated divorce proceedings. She does not give interviews and does not comment on the act, but has hired a serious protection for themselves and their children, fearing for his own life and safety of a son and a daughter.