Most participants cheeky "House 2"

During its existence the TV project "Dom-2" has acquired the status of the controversial reality show on Russian TV. In many ways, this contributed to the eccentric and temperamental member. We gathered the most vibrant juicy stories for you.

Rita Kern

Most participants cheeky

Margaret Kern became a star in the project "Dom-2: Island of Love" because of the unusual appearance. She admitted that in 20 years, fascinated by plastic surgery and virtually redrew appearance. Work cosmetologists and surgeons in case it is visible at once: Rita greatly increased the lips, and later became the owner of the eighth the size of the breast.

Kern left the project after a few months, but in that time managed to keep itself very contradictory impression. Nevertheless, it has acquired a major army of fans in "Instagrame". There, she and puts naughty pictures in underwear for the joy of the 200,000th audience.

Elena Berkova

Most participants cheeky

Elena has stayed on telestroyke only a few months, but during that time has gained immense popularity. It differed from the other participants in the outrageous behavior and complete absence of complexes. On the project Elena tried to build a relationship with Roman Tretyakov.

Learning that Berkova starred in adult films, reality TV management decided to immediately disqualify the participant. Subsequently, the web came erotic video "Dom-2, or how to make love with Elena Berkova," which served as the written media, a good source of income for his main character.

Olga Rapunzel

Most participants cheeky

Thanks to the "House-2" at the mention of the name of Rapunzel, many young people are currently not a story about a beautiful girl with blond hair, waiting for the prince, and the cheeky participant of reality show Olga Grigoryevskaya.

Before you find love, the girl tried to build a relationship with many men. But most of all it stay on the project was remembered because of a serious scandal. Participants of the show found a video where the girl posing completely naked for erotic video chat. It was even before telestroyki and Olga did not even make excuses. Grigoryevskaya told about the unusual part that lasted nine years and brought a very good income.

Now Rapunzel makes a life less extravagant way - through the "Instagram". In the social network for life girls watch more than 300 thousand subscribers.

Julia Isayeva

Most participants cheeky

Isayev was a party to the project in 2013. After that she was trying to build a career in modeling, simultaneously receiving education.

Even while staying at the "House-2" the girl told me that she worked in an escort and help other girls to look for wealthy clients. On this basis, the web has emerged Julia correspondence, where she shared intimacy with the details of some popular personalities.

Woman does not confuse these details of her past. On the contrary, she believes that the big money erase any obstacles on the way to a beautiful life.

Jan Shevtsova

Most participants cheeky

18-year-old Ian Shevtsova disgraced the whole country before the arrival on the TV project, when announced to reporters that the past two years in a relationship with Gufom. After this statement, the rapper dropped his sweetheart - singer Katy Topuriya, and he instantly ceased to communicate with his mistress.

A January 2019 Ian became a member of the "House-2", which fought for the heart of Zahara Salenko. She wanted to draw the attention of a young man, he danced a striptease on Calvary. Just a couple of days former lover Zahara Leroy Frost posted a post in which he stated that his mistress Gufan HIV and should be immediately expel from the project.

Of course, after this information has been denied, and now Ian continues to look for love.

Anastasiya Lisova

Most participants cheeky

Anastasiya Lisova came to telestroyku as a foreign language teacher, but participants began to look closely to a pretty girl. Then she was asked to try to build love in the air.

Brand new participant just had a ball, tying the affair for one night with Sergei Katasonov. After moving to the Seychelles, Anastasia admitted love Nikita Kuznetsov, who at that time was already in a relationship and not pay any attention on the girl.

Then an enterprising teacher went further and began to charm 45-year-old Captain John, who carried the participants of the show between the islands. This was too much, and the organizers have loving translator reprimand. However, after some time Lisova decided to leave the perimeter, because supposedly found love outside. It even led to the clearing of the new chosen at the last day of his visit to the "House-2". Later it turned out that the young man - actor, which Nastya hired to give the events a bit of drama.

Margot Ovsyannikov

Most participants cheeky

Margot came to the "Dom-2" in 2017, and the first time it has evolved very well with the opposite sex. Only here with friendship girls did not work. Ovsyannikov very often becomes involved in conflicts and fights.

Alexander Sheva, for example, turned her head a plate of food, and Lena Hrominoy managed to snatch blond curl accrued Margot. A little later, the girl's found online escort agencies. It turned out that Margot regularly flies to Dubai, which provides for sex services for money.

Ovsyannikov still denied to the last, until it was sent to the polygraph. The test results confirmed the speculation about the dark past of the girl. Viewers have ceased to believe in the sincerity of the participants, deciding that she did not come to look for love, but merely to raise the price tag.