How to cope with muscle pain after exercise

Muscle pain - a common occurrence after the first workout. 48-72 hours after the occupation of your body begins the process of recovery of muscle fibers. No, you do not damage the muscle, just for them it is - a new sensation, and they need to recover. But how to remove or reduce pain after a workout? We talk about effective methods!

How to cope with muscle pain after exercise

You have decided to work out, but the next day I want to drop everything because of the unpleasant pain in the muscles? I do not despair - will soon get used to regular body loads. In the meantime, we'll show you how to remove or reduce muscle soreness after the first workout.

Where does the pain after a workout the next day

Why do muscles ache after a workout? Many people mistakenly believe that muscle pain is caused by the accumulation of lactic acid, but it is not. Sore muscles after exercise, or delayed muscle pain syndrome occurs due to microscopic lesions. Usually soreness appears after a change of mode of training, increase of physical activity and intensity.

Severe pain after exercise occur after 1 or 2 days and typically lasts from 3 to 5 days. Of course, muscle pain can be weak - it all depends on the complexity of your last workout.

Not to be confused with delayed muscle pain sudden and acute pain during exercise - it can be a strong pull, and a sprain. The pain will not pass already own.

Which muscles are sore after a workout?

Pain occurs in those muscles that were involved in training. In the morning you will feel which muscles were working actively, and which are not.

The pain in leg muscles after the first workout

If you do focus on leg muscles and buttocks, in the morning you have a pain in my legs. Usually, sore muscles on the front and back of the thigh and of course, the gluteal muscles.

Pain in the hands after a workout

If you do push-ups or hard standing in the bar, you'll wonder how to relieve pain after a workout in the biceps, elbow muscle, serratus anterior, triceps and deltoids.

Back pain after a workout

Typically, the latissimus dorsi ache after lath, boats, push-ups and exercises with dumbbells. Muscle pain after exercise in the back to go through 2-3 days. If, later, the discomfort will be, it is necessary to seek medical attention - perhaps you have pulled a muscle.

Joint pain after exercise

If muscle pain after exercise - is the norm, then the pain in the joints - not at all. Be sure to consult with your doctor. Possible causes of joint pain:

- various traumas - from bruises to fractures or dislocations;

- inflammation of the joints, or arthritis;

- deformation of the joint due to the intense and regular physical activity.

How to cope with muscle pain after exercise

How do I get rid of the pain after a workout

1st way: active recovery

Simple life hacking, how to relieve pain after exercise - again spend training, but in a simplified form in order not to hurt yourself. Light exercise will cause the blood to circulate faster and more help to restore damaged muscles. Optimal exercise - jogging, swimming or yoga.

2nd way: massage

Massage helps to relax and recover after a hard workout. No wonder professional athletes go to massage sessions every week. You can sign up to a specialist or a massage yourself on video tutorials.

third method: compression clothing

Buy special clothing, which will support the muscles and prevent them from over-voltage on the future training. In sportmagazinah offer both compression tights, and full sets of clothes.

4th method: contrast water therapy

Excellent advice on how to ease the pain after exercise - with contrast water therapy. Type in the warm water bath and shower using alternate cold and warm streams.

5th method: Stretching

What to do the next day after the workout and how to relieve the pain? Make a soft 10-minute stretch to help your muscles to recover. You do not know how to take away the pain after exercise - to prevent it! Before the power load required to warm up and do stretching at the end of the workout.

Masi of the pain in muscles after exercise

The pain after a workout - what to do? Buy an inexpensive but effective ointment. Choose ointments or gels with essential oils, for example arnica oil, camphor, menthol, and peppermint. They cool the muscles and relieve pain. On the market a huge amount of money for the relief of pain, and they all contain the cooling components. To suppress severe pain, choose products containing painkillers:

- diclofenac;

- ketoprofen;

- ibuprofen.

Can I train with muscle pain?

Of course, you can continue training with muscle pain. The soreness should go as soon as your muscles will warm well. But if you find it difficult to engage in sports, you can take a break as long as the muscles are not restored. Focus on those muscle groups that you do not have time to work actively.