Cases where you can not leave the "tea" to the waiter

• Cases where you can not leave the "tea" to the waiter

You came to the cafe, delicious eaten, drank a cup of coffee and are ready to leave the restaurant, but here comes the "turning point" ... Do I need to leave the waiter a tip? And if so, how much? And you will not find it if this amount is too small? Do not torment yourself with doubts, just check out our article, which described in detail the situation in which to leave the "tea", and that - no.

Cases where you can not leave the

Outside of the case with a tip are much easier. In most countries, the money is already included in the bill and, as a rule, make up 3-10% of the order value. In the US, decided to leave a more generous "tea" - 15-25%. And to those guests who do not usually frowned upon ...

The Russian visitors leave a tip "optional", but usually it is around 10% of the amount on the check. However, there are situations in which the customer does not have to worry about this issue, and below are some of them.

The order was carried far too long

If you come to order, we waited more than an hour, and already hungry, of any tip is to forget. Especially if this time your waiter managed to serve several other tables and happy well-fed guests even went home. And if you do everything else brought the cooled dish boldly ask to replace it with another. You have come to enjoy the food!

Cases where you can not leave the

You ordered something with a

If you came to the cafe to buy coffee or pick up take-out pre-ordered and paid for the pizza, leaving a tip is not necessary. But if you decide to stay and work at the laptop, and thus have only a cup of coffee, please "pay" provided to you "workplace".

Cases where you can not leave the

The waiter ignored warnings about allergies

If you tell the waiter that you are allergic, but he ignored the warning, about any tips can be no question. You go to the cafe to eat and relax, not to get a "ticket" to the hospital!

Cases where you can not leave the

Waiter insulted you

It's all and it should be clear ... If the waiter allow himself to let go of in your face biting remark, or insult you Naham, we recommend not only to deprive him of the tip, but also to report on the behavior of employees to manage the institution.

Cases where you can not leave the

However, it should be remembered that the waiters - are people too, and they work very stressful. Therefore, to remain nice and friendly throughout the day it can be very difficult. Be polite, observe the rules of etiquette and treat waiters worthy, then you will find the time and brought order and friendly service!

And in what other cases, you are not ready to leave a tip?