5 residential buildings by star architects

5 residential buildings by star architects

Houses of famous architects, especially foreign ones, - a topic for Moscow's sore, it is only "Garage" in Gorky Park was built as like the author of the project. But soon the picture might change: Forbes Life collected five large new projects

Investments in urban environment - a trend that has been working in the global real estate market. Moscow only comes into play - and now you can watch a paradigm shift capital developers: the transition from the closed community to the functional integration of new buildings into the urban fabric. Moscow gradually appear on the map of modern world architecture - not only for buildings of cultural and educational institutions from Rem Koolhaas and Renzo Piano. Buildings by star architects, in which it will be possible to live - a new stage. Developers do not sell square meters and panoramic views, and the architecture and high-quality environment that is open to the city. Public spaces with different scenarios and functions, improvement of entire neighborhoods, and not only private households, the new life of the existing buildings - the main criteria for new projects.

5 residential buildings by star architects

The Club House by MVRDV on Sakharov Avenue

that will be 289 apartments, a heavenly lounge for residents of houses and infrastructure 4 floors

the cost of square. m from 396 000 rubles

Completion of construction: 2022

developer: GK "Basis"

RED7Ctroyat designed by Dutch architectural bureau MVRDV at the crossroads of Garden Ring and Prospect Academician Sakharov, close to VEB and the Ministry of Agriculture. Of the total area of ​​52,000 square meters. m below the apartment given to 28,000 square meters. m, the rest will occupy public space at home, the heavenly living room with panoramic terrace, fitness with swimming pool, two-story reteyl area, coworking, restaurants and commercial premises. Four floors of the infrastructure will be open to all citizens, not just for the tenants. MVRDV known for their approach - mix function and create an architecture that becomes a landmark. Bureau belong to such landmark buildings as complex Markthal in Rotterdam, the park on the site of automobile overpass Seoullo 7017 in the center of Seoul, the district library in Tianjin Binhai and projects of modern residential complexes in Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid and Copenhagen. The appearance of the house by MVRDV in Moscow says a serious turn in the direction of modern architecture.

5 residential buildings by star architects

Author's house from Piero Lissoni on Lev Tolstoy Street

that will be 120 apartments, a boutique hotel and a shopping arcade with restaurants

the cost of square. m: from 673 000 rubles

Completion of construction: 2020

developer: KR Properties

Specializing primarily in luxury hotels, the Italian architect Piero Lissoni created for Roza Rossa and architecture and interiors. In one wing of the house with a minimalist black facade is a boutique hotel located in the other - apartments and penthouses species. Roza Rossa is adjacent to the headquarters of "Yandex" and the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation. Lissoni known fact that in each of their projects brings the maximum of their own handwriting, but tries to keep the historical details, if any. His team is involved in the development of visual communication, branding of objects, as well as produces the objects of industrial and interior design, creating a unified authoring concepts of architecture and interior design. The most famous projects Bureau - restoration and renovation of Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam, the interior renovation of the National Theater in Milan and the numerous projects of villas on the Italian coast. The important fact is that Roza Rossa - this is not just another private penthouse, and full of the bustling district at the level of the first floor will be shopping malls, spas, restaurants and cafes.

5 residential buildings by star architects

House of Alexander Brodsky ZILarte

that is: the facade as an artistic statement

the cost of square. meter: it will be known at the end of 2019

Completion of construction: 2022

Developer: LSR

A rather unique phenomenon in Moscow - one of the most secretive, but at the same time and the most famous abroad Russian architects designed the facade of a multi-storey house for ZILarta. Conceptually, the project is associated with a series of objects Brodsky "Facades", which was shown in different parts of the last years of exhibitions in Berlin, London, Vienna and Moscow. His main idea: urban architecture is a way of reading history.

His concept of Brodsky fundamentally comments, leaving room for interpretation of the critics. On the facade of the house and the canopies over the entrance groups sit pigeons, the largest of which is the height of 1, 8 m - on the ledge of the eighth floor.

5 residential buildings by star architects

Multifunctional Lucky quarter of Meganom bureau on 1905

that will be 654 apartments in eight new buildings rising above the pre-revolutionary architecture Mammoth factory the cost of square. m from 381 000 rubles

Completion of construction: 2021

developer: Vesper

Large-scale redevelopment project in place Mammoth brothers factories with partial preservation of historic buildings designed by Yuri Grigoryan Bureau. Contrast 75-meter towers, the so-called "upper city", and the low-rise "downtown" - the basis of the concept of Lucky. The project saved the central core - single-storey and two-storey historic factory housing. Priceless, according to Grigoryan, the texture, which barely exists in Moscow. "Lower Town" - a cafe, restaurants, kindergarten, parks and squares, farmer's market, educational center, art workshop. And in the eight monolithic buildings in height from 13 to 21 floors - housing and business centers of class A.

A large part of its territory, the project gives the city - the central square of the quarter will be an outdoor amphitheater for lectures, concerts and exhibitions. Lucky In many streets, greenery, mikroparkov, squares - unprecedented generosity to the developer and a major investment in the functional and quality urban space outside the Garden Ring. Bureau "Meganom" under the direction of Yuri Grigoryan is known for its projects is the department store "Color" Barvikha Luxury Village and ultra skyscraper 262 Fifth Avenue in New York.

5 residential buildings by star architects

Floating house from Herzog & de Meuron at the Taras Shevchenko embankment

that is: a homage to Salvador Dali at the shore of the Moscow River the cost of square. m: Data not yet sounded

Completion of construction: not known

developer: Capital Group

The most expensive of these projects and already controversial. By the Swiss architect of the building on 35-meter towers we were to soar above the historic shops Badaevsky plant. The developer promised to restore them and even open a brewery, to highlight the strength of the place, but "Arhnadzor" sounding the alarm - about half of the industrial building Badaevsky buildings dating back to 1912, can be demolished.

Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron - winners of the Pritzker Prize, the authors of the Hamburg Philharmonic building for € 1 billion, Tate Modern Gallery in London, as well as D3 campus Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology.