Scandals in KVN

If you still think that the KVN all fun, easy and carefree, we hasten to disappoint you: as in any business, is not without conflict. We collected for you the most high-profile scandals in the history of the club! This is not hihonki-hahonki.

Nagiyev against Maslyakova

Scandals in KVN

In 2016, the righteous anger of Alexander Maslyakova called Dmitry Nagiyev. TV host on the air allowed himself some pretty harsh jokes about the internal kitchen of the club, noting that the assessment teams are placed in advance, and nasty comments of jury members are cut during installation.

Then Alexander promised showman that from this program will not remove anything. And Nagiyev specifically did not raise the figure to the assessments that angered Maslyakova. He threatened to Dmitry, if the banter continues, it no longer will call the jury.

The attack on the leading

Scandals in KVN

In 2015, an unknown tried to attack Alexander Maslyakova - older. The man ran to the master, when he sat in the car on the street near the Sheremetyevo "House of KVN" and tried to grab him by the leg.

"In addition to the police arrived on the scene, I found that the damage to health and property is not applied. Claims to the attacker did not bring one, and from going to the police with an official statement rejected ", - noted then in the department.

Complaining about the offender Maslyakov not. He seemed rather amusing incident, rather than really dangerous.

The dismissal Maslyakova

Scandals in KVN

In 2017, the media reported that Alexander Maslyakov ceased to hold the post of Director of the State Unitary Enterprise "Moscow Youth Center" Planet KVN. " The dismissal came after the scandal. International anti-corruption organization Transparency International during the audit found out that Maslyakov Sr. for several years he combined the post of head of state unitary enterprise, which is the youth center, with the guidance of a commercial organization, which is in itself unlawful.

Later, the press service of the International Union reported that the departure of Alexander Vasilyevich nothing to do with inspections. Allegedly he had already planned dismissal "because of the need to bring its work into line with the requirements of federal law."

The double championship

Scandals in KVN

2018 Major League final, he was ambiguously perceived by the audience. Few agreed with the decision, which was read by the jury. According to the results of competitions the most points scored KVN team "Vyatka", and according to the rules of the club it was she who was to be the champion. However, despite this, the jury chairman Konstantin Ernst decided to share the victory and added to a team of champions "Rais", keep up the leader by two tenths of a point. So what? Has the right to!

KVN Fans were outraged by these results, and even a petition on

"This is a blatant case of KVN, a mockery of the real champion of the teams, which previously occupied the second place in the finals of the audience, on the rules of the game. It's just a slap to all who care about KVN ", - stated in the document.


Scandals in KVN

Another scandal occurred in 2017 after the release of a video interview of former Major League KVN editor Dmitry Kolchin. He revealed some of the secrets behind the scenes of the club, and also talked about heavily censored. "How much, you would know there is a variety of censorship channel filters ... On this subject, not joking, this name is not called, it must be removed ... It's turning into some kind of do not even distorting mirror, and a collection of anecdotes. There are "Amica" people who are insured, so these are the (First Channel management -. Ed.) Did not growl. Because it happens that the "Amica" removes the transfer, we will collect it on the installation, it goes to the channel, and the channel cuts out more pieces without the knowledge ", - said the former kaveenschikov.

Reply Kolchin he decided Maslyakov. He urged the public not to trust questionable statements of former employees. Moreover, after the scandalous statement of Dmitry on the site appeared KVN collection of videos with jokes about the president and officials.

Fomenko blacklisted

Scandals in KVN

After an emotional speech during one of the games in 2014, Nikolai Fomenko became Konstantin Ernst and Alexander Maslyakova persona non grata. Member of the jury allowed himself to speak, that the quality of the jokes of the teams is not on the level and beat the participants in one and the same point, that, in principle unacceptable. After that Fomenko no longer invited to the game.