How to stretch the clothes that village after washing

Hope is not lost! Clothing from any tissue can be salvaged after washing. Figuring out what to do if a thing of the village.

How to stretch the clothes that village after washing

, you pull out from the washing machine to your favorite t-shirt or sweatshirt, and she is now more suitable lanky teenager than an adult. This situation is familiar to all of us. But there are a few tricks that will save the shrunken after washing things.

The thing sat down after washing - what to do?

Use baby soap

How to temporarily stretch shrunken thing after washing and return it to the same size? Take baby soap or shampoo and hand knead wet clothes from any tissue to the desired state. After gently wash the thing, but do not squeeze. And remember, once you again washed shrunken clothes in the machine, it will return in a reduced state.

Use hair conditioner and glass jars

Shirts, T-shirts and other small articles of cotton reduced with the air conditioning and cans that you have not used for preservation. Grounded things need to soak for five minutes in a warm solution of three tablespoons of conditioner. Then wash and place item on a flat surface until such time as it reaches the desired size. Why should the banks? It's simple - they need to fix the garment is in the process of natural drying.

Just wear jeans

First slide jeans and they sit in a warm bath for about 15 minutes, then dry, without removing them. The last step - walk around in jeans for an hour after that.

How to restore shrunken thing in its original state: cotton, wool, synthetics

An effective way to stretch shrunken thing from cotton Things cotton easier to return to the previous state. After a soft hand washing, wait until the item has dried up, and then place it on a flat surface and a towel. Next, roll the product with a towel into a tube and gently press the wrapped terry cloth. After most of the moisture is absorbed from the shirts, expand towel. In the end - on the same surface gently stretch cotton product to the ideal size.

What if I got woolen garments after washing?

The 1st method

We know how to safely stretch shrunken woolen thing. First fill the bowl with warm water and add 1-2 tablespoons per liter of vinegar, or sodium borate. Soak thing in solution and in the process are periodically stretch the material under water. After 30 minutes, gently squeeze any excess water and wrap sweater in a towel in the same way as you did it with a cotton cloth.

Method 2

Moisten the upper part of a sweater of cold water through the dispenser and place it on the towel. Then pull your shoulders up and fix their book. Leave the design in a cool place and do not touch all night. The next day, expensive thing of the hair will return to your wardrobe.

Restore shrunken things from synthetic fiber

What to do if things got out of viscose or polyester? shrinkage method is similar to cotton recovery process. Add a tablespoon of shampoo or conditioner for 1 liter of warm water in a deep tank. Synthetic fabrics do not need to be soaked for more than 15-20 minutes. Then remove the thing out of the water, but in any case not squeeze - the fabric is very sensitive. stretching process begins, until the clothes still quite wet. Repeat the operation with a twist in the towel until completely dry cloth.

How to properly wash the things that they did not sit down?

It is enough to observe the basic rules, it was not necessary to restore shrunken things.

1st rule - read the labels

Obviously, not all comply with this rule. And for good reason. That label will tell you how to properly care for every single thing.

2nd rule - not washed in hot water

New clothes, especially bright, you wash in hot water, even if you do not sit down, you will surely lose color saturation. If you do not want to stretch your favorite thing, just lower the washing temperature.

third rule - do not overload the washing machine

Downloading the washing machine to capacity, you will not only save resources, but also hurt their clothes. Overloading the washing machine can seriously damage your things, and including, deform them.

4th rule - use the correct wash cycle

Different modes invented for a reason - it is good for shoes, it is detrimental to the silk blouses. Follow the instructions on the inner label and adjust the correct wash cycle, or get shrunken things.

5th rule - to give up the drying of the washing machine

Dry clothes in the fresh air in the shade. To avoid deformation, using a horizontal drying with the regulation of the form. You need to understand that a thing may suffer not only from improper washing but drying.