Health danger posed by malnutrition

• health hazards posed by malnutrition

We all know what a rush job - at work or at home. You're always busy with some chores and nothing you do not remember. Even that it is time to eat. But it does not help to lose weight, it will only worsen your condition! That is why it is not necessary to skip lunch or dinner.

Health danger posed by malnutrition

To begin with, it is possible to refuse to eat for various reasons. For example, if you stick to the power interval, it is not harmful. If one forgets to eat or punishing itself - harmful.

1. You will feel fatigue

lack of food quickly affect the energy level in the body. You do not want to do anything, go to bed early (this is good, but only if not from impotence!), Leaving unfinished business. In addition, the body's glucose level falls, that is unsafe.

2. You can overeat the next time

The brain will give signals that it lacks power. And for dinner, skipping lunch, you risk to eat more than usual. It's not good for the stomach, and the body much more efficiently manage resources, if they do not come at once. Nutritionists recommend eating three meals a day and snacks with something useful, if you want to eat.

3. You have a bad mood

When skipping meals decreases blood sugar levels. This greatly affects the mood. For example, you can get angry or upset for no reason more than usual. In addition, the body may require something sweet - and quickly!

4. You do not grow thin

If you concede special meal in order to lose a few extra pounds, be disappointed: this mechanism does not work. Lack of calories make up the body at any time (e.g., you eat chocolate and will not even notice it). May disrupt production of "Appetite hormone" - leptin, and this, too, will not lead to anything good.