The largest CIA operation against the USSR

The largest CIA operation against the USSR

The CIA plunged into the depths of the ocean to get to the sunken enemy submarine landed on drifting, disabling the Soviet Arctic stations, as well as spend incredible amounts of money on armaments Afghan fighters and Ukrainian nationalists.

Operation "aerodynamics"

The largest CIA operation against the USSR

For more than 40 years, the CIA played out effectively, "Ukrainian card" in their anti-Soviet war. Immediately after the Second World War, the CIA has established close contacts with the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) - the main anti-communist organization with thousands of members in the Western countries and the underground in the Soviet Ukraine.

First, the CIA actively supported armed resistance in Ukraine, targeting agents and trainers, sponsored anti-Soviet military units, as well as gathering information on the positions and units of the Red Army.

But by the mid-1950s, when the opposing UPA forces in Ukraine and Eastern Poland were largely eliminated, Americans have changed their policy stance. Now they have relied on ideology began to publish anti-communist literature and journals, as well as to maintain a clandestine radio and illegal Ukrainian political movements.

In 1990, while approaching the inevitable collapse of the Soviet Union, the Americans turned this program.

Operation "COLDFEET"

The largest CIA operation against the USSR

In May 1961, US reconnaissance aircraft found in an abandoned Soviet Arctic station on the drifting ice-floe. It looked like the Russian in a hurry to leave it, for fear that soon floe broke into several pieces.

The CIA became clear that they have a great opportunity to get access to Soviet military secrets, and they hoped that the station they will be able to obtain valuable information about the Soviet system of acoustic monitoring, which are used to track US submarines under the Arctic ice.

Reach the station on the icebreaker or helicopter proved impossible, so the two agents were dropped by parachute with B-17 to the ice floe, and behind them parachuted eight boxes of equipment.

During the three-day stay on the station, the Americans collected over 80 documents and made hundreds of photos of Soviet equipment. When it was done, with precious intelligence agents took off ice floes all the same B-17 with the help of Skyhook air evacuation system.

The "Azorian"

The largest CIA operation against the USSR

In March 1968, for unknown reasons, the Soviet submarine K-129 sank in the Pacific Ocean, about 1,000 kilometers from Hawaii. USSR, as often happened, trying to silence the tragedy and has not officially announced the loss of the vessel. Thus, the submarine has actually become "ownerless" and any country could apply for it. Of course, the Americans could not miss such an opportunity. US disguised operation to lift the submarine for exploration work on the sea floor and specially built for this vessel "Glomar Explorer". The task was very difficult, because the K-129 sank in the vast depths of 5000 meters.

During the ascent the submarine hull broke, and the Americans were able to raise only the bow. operation details are secret, but it is assumed that the CIA got into the hands of two torpedoes with nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles, important documents and equipment remained at the bottom.

As later claimed the Americans, they buried the bodies of six Soviet sailors, who were found in a raised section of the submarine, with due honors.

The project "Dark Gene"

The largest CIA operation against the USSR

In 1960-1970, when the US and Iran were still friends and allies, the CIA and the Imperial Iranian Air Force conducted joint operations to aerial reconnaissance in the southern regions of the Soviet Union, known as the "Dark Gene" project.

US and Iranian pilots Iranian fighters regularly cross the Soviet border to find loopholes in the system of defense and check how effectively the Soviet interceptors responded to trespassers.

November 23, 1973 the supersonic MiG-21cm, piloted by Gennady Yeliseyev, was sent to intercept Iranian fighter Phantom II, violated the Soviet border over the Mugan plain. Once issued missiles missed their target, Eliseev rammed the tail of an enemy fighter wing of his own plane. Iranian aircraft pilots managed to eject, and on the ground they have captured. With regard to Eliseev, his MiG collided with a mountain, killing the pilot instantly. Four Iranian aircraft were shot down by the Soviet air force, when the project "Dark Gene" was in full swing. After the Iranian revolution in 1979, the project was immediately collapsed.

"Operation Cyclone"

Throughout the period of the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan (1979-1989 gg.) The CIA conducted one of the most expensive surgeries, which cost several hundred million dollars a year. The aim of "Operation Cyclone" was to ensure the mujahideen all the necessary arms and ammunition to fight the Soviets.

So as not to be directly involved in the conflict, the CIA collaborated with the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), which used American money and weapons for the organization of funding, arming and training the Afghan opposition military units.

Particularly noteworthy was the delivery of an episode of the operation manual anti-aircraft missiles "Stinger" Mujahideen in 1986. This has led to large losses in the Soviet Air Force, which for many years represented a serious threat to the Afghan jihad.

With the departure of the Soviet army from Afghanistan "Operation Cyclone" was terminated.