Horror stories about killer kids

Relatively recently, society has shaken the news of the terrible tragedy near Ulyanovsk: there committed suicide sixteen teenager, but before that, he hacked to death his entire family: mother, four-brother and sister, grandparents. They remembered stories of children who were not just capable of murder, and murder with extreme cruelty.

Jesse Pomeroy

Horror stories about killer kids

Jesse Pomeroy nicknamed Marble Eye committed two brutal murders, and the first - at the age of 12 years. At age 16, he was sentenced to death. But to his credit many more victims - those he killed, but kidnapped and tortured.

Jesse Harding Pomeroy was born November 29, 1859 in Charlestown in the family of a veteran of the Civil War Thomas J.. Pomeroy and Ruth Ann Snowman. His brother Charlie was two years older.

Childhood Jesse can not be called happy: his father was an aggressive drunk, and just that thrashed two sons. Before you punish the sons, the father stripped them naked, that formed the Jesse unhealthy psychic link between pain and sexual arousal. He soon began killing: Pomeroy in the house did not have any animals, even though the mother of Jesse wanted to have a parrot. But the birds that lived in the house before, she once found with folded necks. Then Jesse caught at the moment when he killed a neighbor's cat. But soon the death dumb victims bored Jesse, and he switched to the people.

Pomeroy became the first victim of four William Payne. In December 1871 the two men, passing by an abandoned house in the south of Boston, heard faint cries. Once inside, they found the kid Billy hung by the wrists from the ceiling. When a child is removed from the rope, it was found that the entire back is covered with huge welts kid. Unfortunately, Billy could not clearly explain the police what had happened to him. A year later, Jesse met on the streets of seven Tracy Hayden and promised to show the soldiers. Once they were in a secluded spot, Jesse attacked the boy, then at Tracy were dislodged teeth, a broken nose, and his eyes were black with hemorrhage. Tracy told the police that his tormentor had brown hair, and he promised to cut Tracy penis. No more reading to extract from the baby failed. The police were powerless.

And Jesse, not having waited for a month, attacked eight-Robert Mayer: The boy believed that Jesse would take him to the circus, and found himself in a deserted place, where Jesse beat him with a stick while masturbating. After he freed Robert, but threatened to kill him, if he at least someone will tell. Robert told the police, but this again did not help catch the criminal.

The next victim Pomeroy suffered more refined torture: a seven-year, George Pratt, he was trying to gouge out the eyes and took a bite of her cheeks; six years of Harry Austin stabbed in the left side and was going to cut off the penis, but it scared passers-by; seven years of Joseph Kennedy ispolosovannaya knife, finally rezanuv face; five-year Robert Gould tied to a pole near the railroad tracks.

It is thanks to the small Robert Jesse caught: he said that he was kidnapped boy "with a white eye." On the right eye Pomeroy was a thorn.

Jesse caught by chance on a completely unknown reason, he went to the police station, and at the very moment when it testified one of the boys, whom he tortured. Pomeroy was found guilty on all charges and was sent to the house of correction in Westborough, where he was to remain until adulthood. But two years later Jessie was released on parole. And he began to kill.

Horror stories about killer kids

The first victim was the ten-Pomeroy Kathy Curran. The girl came to the store for notebooks where Jesse found work. Pomeroy invited her down to the basement, saying that there is, in the warehouse, there is exactly what she needs. On the stairs, Jesse cut her throat. The body is pulled in a faulty toilet and threw stones. Mother Kathy to know where last saw her daughter, became hysterical. But the police, to whom she turned for help, reassured her: first, Jesse was corrected in the establishment, and secondly, he never attacked the girls.

Cathy's body was found soon. His head was smashed with stones, and the upper part of the body completely disintegrated, so to establish the nature of injuries was impossible. But investigators have paid special attention to the fact that the stomach and genitals girls were literally cut to pieces with a knife.

And Jesse, meanwhile, again went on the hunt, but almost in vain: all the children in town knew about Marble eye and wanting to walk with Jesse in the abandoned place was not. While Pomeroy did not meet four Horace Millen.

In April 1874 baby Horace went to the bakery for a cupcake and met on the way Pomeroy. Jesse offered to go to the store together. Horace entertained Jesse cupcake, and one supposedly in gratitude, offered the child to go to the port to see the ships. After reaching the swamp near the port, he offered the kid to sit down and relax and then slashed the child's throat with a knife. But to kill could not.

Subsequently, the experts found on the hands of Horace many wounds, which meant that the baby was a long time in the minds and resisted. Later Pomeroy ispolosovannaya entire crotch of the victim, and his right eye gouged out with a knife straight through the closed eyelid.

Caught by the police Jesse Pomeroy denied his guilt until such time as it forcibly brought to the morgue and showed him the body of Horace. At this point, the maniac was shaking with fear, and when he was asked whether he committed the murder, he replied: "I think so."

Jesse Pomeroy was sentenced to death December 10, 1874. Due to the age of the offender had to replace it with life imprisonment. Pomeroy tried to escape 10 or 12 times and each time showed extraordinary ingenuity. He died in 1932 in a hospital for the insane prisoners.

Mary Bell

Mary Bell with his girlfriend Norma calmly strangled two little boys. At the press of that time Mary was referred to as a broken seed: the first murder of Mary made the day before his eleventh birthday.

Horror stories about killer kids

Mary surnamed Mei was born in the 17-year-old prostitute Betty. Who was the father of Mary, is unknown. She herself felt that Billy Bell - criminal, later convicted of armed robbery, but the special investigation revealed that Bell had married Betty already after Mary was born. it was a difficult child: the family lived in a depressed area of ​​Newcastle, where it is difficult to expect from the good behavior of children, but Mary was different regularity of their tricks: she beat the other children and the school bully.

Meanwhile, Betty, Mary's mother, were born three children, while she continued to work as prostitutes. However, the frequent absence of the mother in this case, children were the only benefit: Betty childhood suffered from mental health problems - for example, for many years refused to eat with the family, she put food in a corner under a chair and nothing else. Become pregnant, Betty tried to poison pills, and after the birth of Mary several times intended to kill his daughter, and so that it looked like an accident. According to most of Mary, the mother forced her to have sex with their clients to four years.

Horror stories about killer kids

May 25, 1968, exactly one day before his eleventh birthday, Mary Bell lured four Martin Brown in an abandoned house, and there strangled with bare hands. A little later, Mary, together with his girlfriend, a thirteen Norma Bell (girls were namesake), staged a defeat at school, leaving on the wall the words "I kill, and will be back soon." The police considered the case of an ordinary hooliganism and found no connection between the two incidents. July 31, 1968 Mary and Norma strangled three years, Brian Howe in a vacant lot near the site of the first murder. After a while, Mary returned to the body, to cut the baby in the stomach letter M, and on the hand - N (the first letters of their names from the norm), snatch the victim's lock of hair and scissors slash penis.

Horror stories about killer kids

The police suggested that homeless children are killed. In August 1968, the police drew attention to girls from disadvantaged families who were confused in the testimony of his disorderly conduct and obviously hiding something. During the interrogation, both pleaded guilty.

December 17, 1968 Norma Bell was acquitted by a jury, and Mary Bell was convicted of two manslaughter with extenuating circumstance: in this circumstance was the diagnosis of psychiatrists - "psychopathic deviation", whose symptoms are lack of remorse for the committed acts and failure to plan for their consequences. At trial, Mary said that the killing "just for the fun derived from killing."

Mary was sentenced to indefinite detention. Until the age she was in spetspriyute for antisocial children, and later it was transferred to a prison with minimal supervision Mor Court. In September 1977, she tried to escape from there, but was eventually caught and 28 days, lost all privileges.

In 1980, after 12 years in prison, twenty-three Mary Bell was released. So that she could start a new life with a clean slate, her documents were issued in the new name as well as the anonymity provided. However, in 1998, reporters found Mary Bell, which at that time was a fourteen year old daughter. The family was forced to leave his home in disgrace. May 21, 2003 Mary Bell filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court to grant him and his daughter a lifetime anonymity. Court she won.

In 2009, it was reported that Bell became a grandmother.

Jon Venables and Robert Thompson,

Crime committed by two ten-year boy who can be called the most shocking in the history of England. Because neither the perpetrators nor the society has not been able to give an answer to the question why, why did they do it?

Horror stories about killer kids

February 12, 1993, John and Robert walking to school in one of the largest shopping centers in Liverpool.

At the same time in the same shopping center was Denise Bulger and his girlfriend, Nicole, and three year old son James. At some point, the woman was distracted by the purchase and baby James was out of sight. Forever.

James's mother was in a panic: this time she and her husband Ralph have experienced the loss of a little daughter, who died due to illness, and therefore the birth of James was a real joy for them. Kid James was very cute kid, who loves all. But he was still very, very small. And trusting.

Guards store together with police were called Denise offered to view your recordings from surveillance cameras, and there was clearly seen two schoolchildren, leaving the supermarket. One of them was holding a child's hand, which immediately recognized Denise James. A police officer suggested that the kids just to play together and James return. The time was 15:42. James did not return. "Interception" plan was announced in the city.

Horror stories about killer kids

Meanwhile, three children, two of whom were kidnappers, and one - the victim, saw at least 38 people, but nobody stopped. Several times children approached adults and asked why the baby is crying, how he got the bruises and where two children are older it dragged. John and Robert each time answered the same: it is their little brother, he fell, hit, they lead him home. When John and Robert James dragged to the bridge, in front of them stood a man on a motorcycle. To him they said, that dragged the baby to the police station, because the lost and want to be taken home. The man left. Soon Venables and Thompson bothered to carry a baby for a city, and they dragged James to a vacant lot near the railway embankment. There, they began to kill him. Atrocities lasted nearly an hour - from 17:45 to 18:30. James kicked, jumped on him and beat stones. Then John splashed into his eyes blue paint, stolen in the store. Tortured child could not stand and fell to the ground. At this point, the torturers seem to understand what it is they are threatened and decided to kill James. Venables struck kid with an iron bar on the head, then with Robert undressed him and for some reason, stuffed in the mouth of James batteries. Letting a baby pants, torturers scratched his genitals, and then hit on the head with the shoes. But James was still alive.

Horror stories about killer kids

He was alive and when Venables and Thompson put it back on track, and fled. Come train cut the baby in half mangled body.

Two days later, a group of four boys, walking along the tracks, saw what looked like a broken doll. But, when they came closer, realized that in front of them, James Bulger, who for two days looking for the whole city. The remains of the baby identified brother Ralph Bulger, who said that what he saw will be the end of life haunt him nightmares.

During the interrogation, the first broke John: he confessed that he killed James, and asked him to convey to his mother that "he was sorry."

Under the laws of British children are criminally responsible from the age of ten, but no one expected that they would have to be judged in such a terrible crime. Venables and Thompson received the maximum term for their age - 10 years. After hearing the verdict, Jon Venables broke down in tears, and Robert Thompson coolly silent.

Arkady Neyland

For a double murder committed in 1964 in Leningrad, Arcadia Neyland was sentenced to death. But the verdict went against the then USSR legislation: Neyland was only 15, the execution of criminals that age has not been applied. But Arkady made an exception.

Horror stories about killer kids

Arkady Neyland was born January 28, 1949 in Leningrad. His mother worked as a nurse in the hospital, but instead his father was his stepfather, who regularly beat Arcadia, that he ran away from home and was starving for weeks. In seven years Arkady put on record in the children's room of militia, twelve - was expelled from school for stealing. Arkady besprizornichal, rolled hare in Moscow hooligans fought with random passers-by, attacked the girls and even housebroken. But before the trial is not reached even once.

January 24, 1964 it is still arrested for burglary, but Arkady managed to escape. At this point he decided to make a "terrible murder" to "revenge." And at the same time to steal the money to go to Sukhumi and begin a new life there. Three days after that, he stole his stepfather ax and went to make his "revenge."

Horror stories about killer kids

Neyland went at Sestroretskaya Street, Building 3, Apartment 9. He wanted to rob the rich apartment. Allegedly he had previously noticed in the color TV window.

The apartment was a 37-year-old housewife Larisa M. Kupreeva and her three-year son of Jura. Neyland rang the doorbell and introduced postal workers, and, of course, allowed to enter the house. Making sure that, in addition to women and the baby, the apartment is unoccupied, Neyland closed the front door of the castle and began to beat the landlady with an ax. However, he managed to drop into the room and turn on the radio at full volume, the neighbors heard screams. After 15 strokes with an ax Larissa died. Remained one more victim - her little son. Neyland cut him to, as he put it, baby "is not cool under your feet."

Then Arkady searched the apartment and found the money and a camera. It seemed funny to arrange a photo session with the corpse of Larissa: to film her body imprinted in lewd poses. According Neyland, in these pictures he was going to earn. After the photo shoot diabolical Arkady went to the kitchen and relaxed breakfast. And then, and went out taking from the fridge with fruit package. But before that I discovered the gas and set fire to the floor.

Body discovered fire caused by neighbors. Neyland was detained three days later because of fingerprints and witnesses. To Sukhumi, he still drove.

Neyland immediately admitted his guilt and willingly cooperated with the investigation, knowing that juveniles to death sentence is not - it is contrary to the laws of the USSR.

However, February 17, 1964 the Supreme Soviet of the USSR adopted a resolution allowing the use of the juvenile death penalty - execution. Although Neyland committed his crime before the resolution was passed, the court made an exception for Arcadia - because of the particular cruelty of the crime. August 11, 1964 Neyland shot.