What most often think porn stars during filming

• What most often think porn stars during the filming of

Shooting porn - is also work, though not too noble, but they are not less easy. It requires a mutual effort, emancipation and passion, and, of course, a little bit of acting. However, taking a regular double with the same weary partner, actors just stop thinking about sex. Many porn stars perforce diverted from sexual intercourse, flying thoughts, for example, to your cat. Or pizza, because they hardly manage to eat during filming. Journalist Vice find out what thoughts often visited pornstars head and, it should be noted, many of them were quite unexpected ...

What most often think porn stars during filming

tabloid journalist visited the Vice pornokastinge Light Southern Company and talked to visit his actresses. He talked with the girls, who already have behind experience in porn, and knew what they were thinking at the time of the shooting.

What most often think porn stars during filming

The actress Blake Wilde (Blake Wilde) admitted that at first, of course, thinking about work. She ponders what position to choose, how to stand in the frame to look like the most impressive. Soon, however, her thoughts somewhere fly away, and she begins to imagine how the pizza supper, remembering, is there any beer in the fridge.

The actress admitted that she loves his job, but does not feel the excitement all the time. "For me it's just another day at the office, - says Wild."

What most often think porn stars during filming

Porn star Jessie Lee Pierce (Jessie Lee Pierce) said that during the film-making process in the first place thinking about your partner.

"It is obvious that he paid for sex with me, but I wonder whether he really likes what is happening, or is he pretending? Whether he was taking Viagra today? "

When the actress does not need to work with someone else, she can relax and think about something else.

"What does my cat? Maybe it needs to feed? Necessarily have to go to the post office. "

What most often think porn stars during filming

porn actress Madison (Madison) scrolls favorite songs in my head. Its regular program to the shooting - is oral sex, sex in three different positions and ejaculation. She admits that the music helps her stick to the rhythm.

"My favorite song - Black Velvet. Singing the song, I'd tune in to a partner, I can calculate the time. I sing for myself, it helps me, so I feel more sexy. Also, the song - it's a great option to synchronize the movement. After one song I can change the posture, and five - to finish the stage. "

Apparently, even shooting porno once may become a routine, because the actors almost do not think about sex, but just doing their job.