In Saudi Arabia, the metropolis of the future will be

• metropolis of the future will be

In Saudi Arabia

At the disposal of journalists from The Wall Street Journal were documents describing the plans of the government of Saudi Arabia to build a new futuristic city Neom.

In Saudi Arabia, the metropolis of the future will be

The city of about 26,000 square kilometers will be built in the north-west of Saudi Arabia, on the ocean. He will be surrounded by desert. To cope with the drought expected to artificially induce rain via cloud seeding.

Neom can become a center of genetic experiments: people will drive in the "beneficial mutations" that enhance physical performance and the level of IQ.

A major role in Neome reserved crawlers. It looks like they will be there almost more than men: in the documents referred to robotic maids, RoboCop and even robotic dinosaurs. The amusement parks between special robots will be held contests. Habitual transport system, according to these documents, in Neome will not be at all. "There are no roads or sidewalks. In 2030, we will be flying cars everywhere !, - said at a meeting of the governor of the region, Prince Fahd bin Sultan. Keep order in the city of the future will be ubiquitous camera with Face Detection. The most interesting part of the project - a kind of "artificial moon", which will shine from the sky on a par with this.

Construction of the city has already begun the first phase should be completed by 2025. Will eventually implemented all of the above ideas, time will tell.