Skeletons out of the closet Kennedy clan

Kennedy family in the last century was considered one of the most famous and influential in the United States. Representatives of the Kennedy clan held serious positions, have weight and influence in the political circles. However, around this family is constantly there were rumors about the curse, because of which power, fame and money does not make happy Kennedy. Clan Kennedy as if chased some bad luck.

Skeletons out of the closet Kennedy clan

Joseph Kennedy and Hitler

Skeletons out of the closet Kennedy clan

Joseph Kennedy Sr.. / Photo:

Joseph Patrick Kennedy Sr., father of the future president of the United States has worked closely with Franklin Roosevelt, but later very disappointed ruler. Occupying the post of ambassador to Great Britain during the Second World War, Joseph Kennedy has repeatedly expressed the view supported by Hitler's policies. Kennedy Sr. appeared desperate anti-Semite and refused to apply for US visas to Jews who managed to escape from Nazi Germany to the UK, intending to cross the ocean. Especially insulted Franklin Roosevelt offers an ally in the United States to implement the program of economic development, similar to the Nazi.

Rosemary Kennedy Lobotomy

Skeletons out of the closet Kennedy clan

Rosemary Kennedy. / Photo:

The younger sister of the 35th US president since childhood had suffered from mental illness. Her childhood was spent in hospitals and boarding schools, and from the monastery where later was placed Rosemary, she always ran to hit the bar. Seeing no other way out, Joseph Kennedy decided to conduct a lobotomy of her daughter. He hoped that the removal of part of the brain helps rosemary cope with the disease. However, the result was just the opposite: a 23-year-old girl not only got rid of the problem, but was confined to bed for several months. Reinforced therapy after a while returned Rosemary ability to move, but could not recover his hands. More than 60 years she spent in isolation, passed away in 2005.

The tragic death of family members

Skeletons out of the closet Kennedy clan

John and Robert Kennedy. / Photo:

Representatives of several generations of Kennedys did not die a natural death. 35th US president, was shot dead, while tragic role in his death played a metallic corset worn by John F. Kennedy because of the destruction of the vertebrae. If the corset did not support it, the killer could not get to Kennedy's head. Was shot and Robert Kennedy, brother of the president. In addition, members of the clan were killed at the front and in a plane crash, has committed suicide, who died due to drug overdose, and who found his death during a holiday at a ski resort.

In addition, Jacqueline Kennedy had lost three children: one child could not bear, a girl was born dead. One baby was born prematurely, died two days after birth.


Skeletons out of the closet Kennedy clan

John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe. / Photo:

John F. Kennedy was not a faithful husband of Jacqueline. The most famous, but not the only friend of the president was Marilyn Monroe. His life was a lot shorter and not so novel. Sometimes he did not even try to hide their passion, hurting his wife.

Skeletons out of the closet Kennedy clan

Jacqueline and Robert Kennedy. / Photo:

But Jacqueline had its little secrets: tired of the endless rumors about infidelity of her husband, she also tried to find solace on the side. An affair with her husband's brother, Robert, Jackie did not bring relief. It seems that happiness is found only in a civil marriage with Aristotle Onassis.


Skeletons out of the closet Kennedy clan

Robert Kennedy Jr. / Photo: Robert Kennedy Jr., a lawyer and environmental activist who in 1983 was sentenced to a suspended sentence for possession of heroin. In addition to the suspended sentence, the son of the slain senator had to undergo periodic tests for drug use, forced to be treated in the community Narcotics Anonymous and to give 1500 hours of corrective labor.

The wife of a lawyer, whom he divorced in 2010, could not survive the divorce, she began to abuse alcohol and committed suicide two years after breaking up with her husband.

Skeletons out of the closet Kennedy clan

David Anthony Kennedy. / Photo:

Another son of Robert Kennedy, David, started using drugs because of the trauma received in childhood. He was 12 years old when he saw on television, as a father initially claimed victory in the presidential election in California, and after only a few minutes in the air informed about the murder of Robert Kennedy, a senior. After yet another rehabilitation course David Kennedy went to celebrate Easter in Palm Beach April 19, 1984. A few days later his body was found on the floor of a hotel room. The cause of death was an overdose of drugs.