Mark Wahlberg shared his daily routine. It turned out to superman

• Mark Wahlberg shared his daily routine. He turned superman

Actor Mark Wahlberg for his 47 years looks amazing. And all because he is very serious about his schedule and trains several times a day. When fans persuaded the actor to share his daily routine, Wahlberg has laid out its schedule in social networks. It turned out that he was Superman.

Mark Wahlberg shared his daily routine. It turned out to superman

In response to numerous requests from fans of actor Mark Wahlberg, the star of "Transformers", finally shared instagrame in their daily routine. It turned out that he lived in almost inhuman conditions, which do not withstand the power of each. Maybe that is the secret of its stunning figure?

Sleeps Wahlberg, as it should be seven hours. Here are just lays it at 19:30, and rises at 2:30 am, when many people only get to bed. Day he painted a scarce resource. After recovery he prays, eats breakfast, and practicing half an hour. By the way, sports Wahlberg takes three times a day. In addition to the two conventional training in the hall, he still plays golf.

Watchers Wahlberg watches carefully, so to comply with diet: six meals a day, including snacks between workouts. In addition, every day at 9:30 actor spends an hour in cryosauna. This is such a medicinal therapy which is carried out by means of low temperatures. On the advantages of cryotherapy Wahlberg once told an interviewer. "It is very good for health, removes all the inflammatory processes in the body and helps to find good sleep."

Mark Wahlberg shared his daily routine. It turned out to superman

Surprisingly, the hard schedule Wahlberg found time for family and work. And as many as five and a half hours. It turns out that the actor takes the kids out of school, and he had them, by the way, the four: Michael, Brendan Joseph, Ella Ray and Grace Margaret. Mark Wahlberg day ends with a family dinner, and at 19:30 he was going to bed.

the actor's schedule caused some users of social networks to experience a sense of shame.

"I saw the daily schedule Wahlberg and felt bold ball."

"Mark Wahlberg gets up at 2:30, it's a matter of respect. I die every time I get up in the school, "at 6 am.