Loud crash involving aircraft with birds

Birds - the constant risk factor for the aircraft, and planes - for the birds.

Over the past 70 years taken a variety of measures to improve the safety of ships. They strengthen, add covers and protection, increase the number of back-up systems. And these birds are trying to keep keep as far away from airfields in many different ways.

Today, let us remember the most major disasters involving aircraft of birds, as well as some amazing action are ornithologists to birds flew into the engine.

Loud crash involving aircraft with birds

Flight Aeroflot 35 (IL-12)

The accident happened April 30, 1953 on a flight of "Aeroflot". IL-12 was flying over the river, carrying out flight Moscow - Novosibirsk with a stopover in Kazan, when he refused both engines. I had to make an emergency landing on water.

Loud crash involving aircraft with birds

All occurred at 21:37, the visibility was very poor. Due to the storm clouds crew with the permission of the controller down to 300 meters. At this point, there was a heavy blow, and then both aircraft engine stopped working. Later drop call cause ducks. One of them crashed into the cockpit, the other hit the left engine. Birds damaged job IL-12 systems, because of which both the engine is off the ignition.

The aircraft was able to successfully splash down, but the cabin quickly filled with water. 18 passengers wrongly interpreted the words of pilots that carried out the landing in shallow water. People collect things and put on garments, although the depth of the river at the landing site was about 20 meters. As a result, one of the passengers in their wet outdoor clothes drowned, without waiting for assistance. There was no other accident victims.

375 Eastern Air Lines (Lockheed L-188A Electra)

The largest accident of birds. October 4, 1960 in Boston turboprop airliner Lockheed L-188A Electra flew to Philadelphia, but fell into Boston Harbor in less than 30 seconds after takeoff.

Loud crash involving aircraft with birds

In further told that the ship nominally clocked on the runway, took off and managed to retract the landing gear. But then the two left engine suddenly caught fire and began to smoke. The plane jerked to the left, he began to roll on the left side. As a result, the liner substantially corkscrew into the water Boston Harbor.

Loud crash involving aircraft with birds

In the disaster killed 62 people: 59 passengers and all 3 flight crew member. And on the cover of Runway 75 found the bodies of starlings. The accident seriously affected the image of the "Electra", the release of which is stopped at the beginning of 1961.

The rear part of Lockheed L-188A Electra after the fall of:

Loud crash involving aircraft with birds

297 United Air Lines (Vickers 745D Viscount)

Airplane Vickers 745D Viscount November 23, 1962 en route from Newark to Washington, but at some point the flight suddenly turned over and fell to the ground. 17 people died.

Loud crash involving aircraft with birds

The liner is collapsed due to the American swan (can be up to 8 kg body weight), which hit a left horizontal stabilizer and destroyed it from the inside, the ball covering. Interestingly, the manager warned the pilots about a lot of birds on the route.

It looks like tundra swan:

Loud crash involving aircraft with birds

Because of this disaster in the future rules for creating aircraft were modified, and their design began to design the light of additional bird protection.

Flight 2953 "Aeroflot" (IL-14)

December 10, 1969 flight Tbilisi - Makhachkala - Astrakhan, flew from Dagestan. But almost immediately after takeoff, the aircraft collided with migratory birds, lost control and crashed into the Caspian Sea. Killing all 17 people aboard.

IL-14 Aeroflot similar crashed:

Loud crash involving aircraft with birds

This event is unique in that in it the birds, destroying the cockpit, knocked out the crew. And it is considered the main cause of the accident, although later feathers and bones of birds found in the engine and IL-14.

Flight 5139 "Aeroflot" (IL-18)

During the set speed on the runway in Tashkent aircraft rightmost engine crashed into a flock of birds, but no one on board did not see it. Just noticed that the engine is out of order. the captain decided to stop flying, but he was afraid skidded off the runway.


Loud crash involving aircraft with birds

In the future because of erroneous decisions commander aircraft mechanics and IL-18 at 130-160 km / h speed descended from the runway and rolled on the ground, after which the two crossed roads and rolling to the edge channel Karasuu.

The commander tried to fly across the Channel, but at a speed of 50-100 km / h the plane hit the slope on the opposite bank of the tail and broke into two parts. As a result, 22 people were injured, one died as a result of his injuries.

IL-18 after the accident in Tashkent:

Loud crash involving aircraft with birds

1549 US Airways (Airbus A320-214)

One of the most famous stories, including because of its happy ending. AWE Flight 1549 taking off January 15, 2009 in New York, was faced with the goose, which knocked out both engines. Airbus A320-214 airline US Airways, is identical to the drive:

Loud crash involving aircraft with birds

The pilots were able to turn the plane almost 180 degrees to fly over the Hudson River and take the water, all without destroying any aircraft or buildings. The only types of injuries that have received the passengers: minor injuries and hypothermia.

Consequences of the accident:

Loud crash involving aircraft with birds

It is interesting that during the subsequent investigation of the accident airplane pilots tried to blame the fact that they are subjected to the risk of passengers by landing on the water, not on the nearby runway. But tests on the simulator have shown that other options did not exist a safe landing.

The evacuation of the passengers of the aircraft after ditching in Hudson:

Loud crash involving aircraft with birds

Ryanair 4102 (Boeing 737-8AS)

Flight from Frankfurt to Rome is almost ended, the plane came in to land, when the birds intervened. The airliner flew into a flock of starlings 90, resulting in damage to the engine and chassis. After several unsuccessful attempts, the aircraft still managed to land.

Loud crash involving aircraft with birds

at Rome Airport had to close for 36 hours because the damaged ship simply could not be removed from the runway. None of the crew and passengers was not injured, but the aircraft was not subject to recovery and was decommissioned.

The final report on the accident was released less than a year ago, December 20, 2018, even though the incident itself occurred in November 2008.

A321 "Ural airlines" in the corn field

On the morning of August 15 Airbus A321 pilots "Ural airlines" Damir Yusupov and George Murzin after taking off from Zhukovsky to land the plane on the cornfield. All passengers and crew survived. This land is compared with the case in 2009, when the American pilot Chesley Sullenberger managed to land the ship on the Hudson River in New York (see above). In fact, the Russian pilots had more complicated: the plane was flying much lower and the time to think it was much smaller.

Loud crash involving aircraft with birds

Modern airliners can fly and with the dead engine. Failure of all engines is extremely rare. If this happens at high altitude (usually due to lack of fuel), the prognosis is favorable. It is more difficult to solve the problem for the glider, if the engines turned off (usually due to collisions with birds or mechanical problems), when the airplane is flying low, as is the case with the aircraft, "Ural Airlines".

Loud crash involving aircraft with birds

The aircraft AWE 1549 Flight 2009 collided with birds at an altitude of 930 meters. Judging by the Flightradar24 service, Airbus A321 aircraft "Ural airlines" scored a maximum height of 128 meters, so it's time to make decisions, they had much less.

Save the passengers allowed skill of pilots and follow Airbus procedures. Only the crew were lucky that they were able to find an excellent site for emergency landing.

Loud crash involving aircraft with birds

How to protect airports from birds

Disco balls in Chelyabinsk. In Chelyabinsk, in the afternoon you will notice a large ball covered with small pieces of mirrors and their reflections are annoying birds. On the night hunters (eg owls) is also a council: they disperse special laser pistols. In addition, using ultrasound, which does not hear the human ear. Recorded the cries of birds of prey that repel others, are also going to deal with.

Loud crash involving aircraft with birds

In the Novosibirsk airport Tolmachevo Group ornithological software uses pistols and annoying sounds of birds.

Loud crash involving aircraft with birds

electronic industry Birdscarers used in Omsk. He looks and acts like this:

In a small Yaroslavl airport Tunoshna together in a bunch of modern technology and ancient traditions. On the one hand, it is equipped with an avian repellent, which makes sounds, warning them of the danger. On the other - along the entire runway installed the most ordinary scarecrow:

In Perm airport, among other things, models of birds of prey used to hover in the air and have to scare the birds less. Approximately:

Ornithological service of Domodedovo Airport. Faced with the fuselage or hitting the aircraft engine, the bird can not only die, but also disrupt the important units of an airliner. To prevent this, Domodedovo first in Russia in the early 1980s created ornithological service of the airport, which is mandated to monitor the birds on the airfield and in a radius of 15 km from it.