This alien Australia

• This alien Australia

Far mainland Australia dominates the minds of many people in the Northern Hemisphere: water and there is twisted in the opposite direction, and the animals are found amazing, and insects are deadly - all this you know. But Australia still will surprise you.

This alien Australia

1. The Minister of Agriculture threatens to kill dogs Johnny Depp.

2. Kangaroo stuck in street battles. The main thing - do not run into a kangaroo-pitching.

3. Prime Minister's strange hobby: Tony Abbott is a drug dealer glasses gulp drink beer and eat raw onion in public. And yet, by his own admission, he wants to take over the breasts of Vladimir Putin.

This alien Australia

And this is Tony Abbott after swimming. Can you imagine the photos of Western politicians in swimming trunks?

4. Another Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, speaking publicly, constantly sighing and cursing like a trooper. However, it only made him more popular.

5. You can not just kill a spider: it can be scattered on a bunch of little spiderlings.

This alien Australia

6. "Day without pants" can be carried out every day anyway always sunny.

This alien Australia

7. You can make a selfie's so cute small animals - Quokka. Or is it Quokka make selfie with the Australians? We have nothing surprised.

8. Policy on serious meetings mentioned by Taylor Swift.

This alien Australia

9. Here the wildest teens, for example, 16-year-old Corey Delani while parents were not home, threw a party for 500 people. Disbanded its police dogs and helicopters, the damage came to 20 thousand dollars.

10. Even when the weather suits apocalypse, Australians remain unperturbed. Fires and floods can come together and strike simultaneously.

This alien Australia

10. Christmas corporate office looks like.

11. CERF can be on anything - for example, on the carcass of a whale.

12. Only the Australians could come up with the competition by throwing a slap on the beach.

13. The life - Broken party. Even when you go on the train.