What is known about "Mrs. Russia - 2019", a victory which blew Network

• What is known about "Mrs. Russia - 2019", a victory which blew Network

Recently it became known that the new "Mrs. Russia - 2019" became a resident of Gelendzhik Catherine Nishanova. Winning the girls caused a storm of discussion on the web. Members made a beauty persecution, which is why she even refused to represent the country at the contest "Mrs. Globe". Especially for you gathered all that is currently known about Catherine.

Family & hobbies

What is known about

About Catherine Nishanova not much is known. Woman 33 years old, she has been married for over 15 years and has two sons. Her husband - a successful businessman in Gelendzhik. It is engaged in the construction business.

It is a stamp in the passport and the availability of children Nishanova allowed to participate in the contest "Mrs. Russia -2019". By selecting only allowed unmarried ladies between the ages of 22 to 43 years old who have at least one child.

Judging by Catherine publications on social networks, it is educational psychologist. Beauty is interested in singing, dancing and good horse riding. In addition, she is involved in charity: helping children with disabilities.

The path to victory

What is known about

In this, Catherine received the title of "Mrs. Gelendzhik - 2019". After winning the regional round of the beauty contest, she decided to try his hand at the federal level.

"On competition" Mrs. Gelendzhik - 2019 ", presenting a creative room, I danced with the whole family. This time I decided to sing. Especially since I have always had a dream to sing. This room is prepared for two months. During the performance, I open the wings under the lyrics, and then lit with bright lights, also with me dancing ballet "- said Nishanova in an interview. The woman is actively preparing for the final, "Mrs. Russia -2019". For six months, she worked with experts in various fields. She was assisted by a teacher of oratory, SMM-manager, designer, stylist and videographer. But Catherine herself sure that everyone decided right attitude and confidence in themselves and in their abilities.


What is known about

In this goal in the competition was attended by 27 women from across the country. The main theme of the show was the space. Talents and looks participants evaluated: Katya Lel, fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev and "Missis Russia - 2010" Alisa Krylova. Nishanova managed to conquer all the members of the jury and win the first place. Their emotions after winning a beauty shared page in Instagram.

"I began," Mrs. Russia -2019 "- do not believe it's ending, like six months of preparation, so much work, effort and time, and so quickly it all happened! My feelings - emotions overflow so that it is impossible to express! Happiness, joy and pride in themselves "- wrote Catherine.

The Other Side of Fame

What is known about

However, its victory is not aroused the same enthusiasm among web users. Nishanova made a real persecution on the Internet.

In comments immediately came running trolls who started to pour insults. One girl seemed pretty enough, others accused her that she bought herself a first place in the money-businessman husband. At first, Catherine tried to defend himself, but then just limited opportunity kommmentirovaniya their records. "Yes, my husband is a wealthy man, I can come to poverty, to please someone over the Internet. Page in the "Instagram" closed to ride out the wave of negativity and how to relax. I do not blame the people who criticize me, or are dissatisfied with my victory. They have a right to an opinion ", - she said.

The effects of

What is known about

To discuss the new "Mrs. Russia" joined even some celebrities. One of the first opinion expressed producer Yana Rudkovsky. In his telegrams channel "dove of peace", she disagreed with the outcome of the contest and walked Nishanova in appearance.

"Mother dear! Why did these women all on their heads? I understand them, and so all is good in this life! If it's the winning, it's hard to imagine who was among those who did not win the competition if it is, of course, was in Chestnokov "- shared reasoning socialite.

After a burst in the web of scandal Catherine decided not to participate in the next stage of the beauty contest. She refused to go on, "Mrs Globe" in China. Instead, our country will present another participant - Xenia Krivko from Kemerovo, whose four children.