Dishes that were invented in Moscow

• Dishes that were

invented in Moscow

Dumplings and soup were not created in Moscow, but the other dishes were.

Dishes that were invented in Moscow Dishes that were invented in Moscow

1. Moscow cake.

They have their own branded cakes, but only appeared in Moscow in 2015. In many cities around the world. These bright red cake with a figure of Yuri Dolgoruky white chocolate can be bought either for domestic consumption or as a souvenir. Despite the youth of the recipe, Moscow tastes like an old friend to all who are familiar with Soviet desserts. All thanks to the cooked condensed milk, hazelnuts and meringue.

Dishes that were invented in Moscow

2. Raf coffee.

A relatively new drink, born in Moscow, the RAF can be ordered in any Russian coffee shop. In the late 1990s, a frequenter of the cafe at the Kuznetsk bridge named Rafael Timerbayev steadily made his way through all the coffee on the menu, but nothing could not choose. But when the barista added cream and vanilla sugar in the espresso, his eyes lit up. Recipe inspired by Raf began friends ordered the man himself, and then the other guests. Over time, it became known as simply "Raf-coffee" - and there are many variations, some with orange, cinnamon, lavender, honey and alcohol.

Dishes that were invented in Moscow

3. Pigeon milk.

Candy started to produce in Poland in 1936. In 1967, they tried Soviet minister of food, which quickly ordered Soviet confectioners to develop their own recipe. The following year, an experimental batch of candies "Bird's milk" with agar instead of gelatin came off the production line. About ten years later, confectioners from the Moscow elite Prague restaurants have come up with a magnificent version of the souffle, richly decorated with chocolate and decorated with chocolate birds. It was the first Soviet cake, which was patented.

Dishes that were invented in Moscow

4. Capital and salads Moscow

Both of these interpretations are legendary salad Olivier salad or Russian (as it is known in Europe and the United States). Salad "Capital" first appeared in 1939, when the original recipe chicken Olivier was added capers with peas and boiled crawfish with carrots.

Dishes that were invented in Moscow

5. Moscow pickle.

Most often pickle conjures images of soup, cooked in beef broth with pickled cucumbers and pearl barley - a Leningrad pickle. Moscow pickle and boiled with pickles, but in chicken broth with guts and kidneys. Also added to the mixture of eggs and milk. There is also a fish version - with the addition of fresh sturgeon and / or Beluga. It is not what you will find in the dining room.

Dishes that were invented in Moscow

6. Kalac.

The first mention of Kalach appears in documents from the XII century Murom Vladimir region (280 km east of Moscow), and spread from the recipe. In Moscow, the rolls were sold in the famous Filippov bakery. Moscow rolls "with a pen" eating on the street with dirty hands - the main part was eaten and the "handle" was discarded.

Dishes that were invented in Moscow

7. Filippovskaya Arctic cod (bun with raisins).

Recipe Filippov loaves appeared in the mid-19th century. Every morning, Arctic cod from Filippov bakery delivered to the office of Governor-General of Moscow. Once a cockroach got into one of his favorite biscuits. To hide the error, the baker explained that this is a new recipe with the addition of raisins. The rest is culinary history.