Modern gadgets for tourists

Travel broadens the mind, allowing you to see the diversity of the world. Going in search of new adventures, experienced tourists care about how to make the stay more comfortable on the road. The modern market offers a wide range of useful devices, simplifying solution traffic problems. In this review, travel gadgets, opening up new opportunities for a comfortable journey.

Modern gadgets for tourists

1. Packer luggage, reducing the volume of items

Modern gadgets for tourists

Vacuum mini-compressor Vago. / Photo:

Miniature vacuum compressor Vago - the perfect gadget for traveling. This baby length of 70 mm and a weight of 77 grams for a few minutes pumping air from the package things, reducing the volume by half. The apparatus is provided with a pressure sensor and the end of the compression process is automatically stopped, and notifies the light signal.

2. Communication without limits

Modern gadgets for tourists

Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot & Power Bank Skyroam Solis. / Photo:

Always stay in touch while traveling in other countries without having to connect foreign SIM cards and worrying about roaming - it is no longer a fantasy. Gadget Skyroam Solis thanks to its compact size does not take up much space in your luggage, and the functional combines 2 in 1 Charger for 6000 mAh battery, Wi-Fi transmitter. It provides unlimited access to Wi-Fi in more than 130 countries around the world and is able to distribute the Internet on 5 devices.

3. Communicate without cellular network and satellite

Modern gadgets for tourists

Gadget GoTenna Mesh. / Photo:

While traveling with a company such as backpacking or on trips to interesting places, not necessarily with bandmates to communicate through the expensive roaming charges. Gadget GoTenna Mesh connects to any smartphone and lets you share your message to the owner of this small device, even if the cellular network, satellite and Wi-Fi available.

4. Sunglasses, making photos and videos

Modern gadgets for tourists

Sunglasses Spectacles V2 recording function. / Photo:

Sunglasses Spectacles V2 look stylish and perfectly protect your eyes from the sun. But most importantly, in their built-in camera that allows you to make 10-second videos and photos in high definition. Points are not afraid of water, and even allow you to shoot in the shallows. A single charge lasts up to 70 video, and then they can be recharged using the battery charger built into the case.

5. Multi-flask

Modern gadgets for tourists

flask VSSL. / Photo:

Multifunctional jar VSSL - an essential accessory for any tourist, allowing to have fun outdoors. Compact flask made of waterproof and durable aluminum comprises a bottle opener, two stainless steel tank with a capacity and glasses 9 ounces to drink. With a jar you will never get lost - the accessory is also equipped with a compass and a powerful flashlight that will point you the way to the camp.

6. The knife in the format of a credit card

Modern gadgets for tourists

Miniature knife Cardsharp2. / Photo:

On the road, without a knife can not do, and portable model Cardsharp2 will be an excellent solution for the traveler. Created by Iain Sinclair Design British studio stylish ultra-thin and ultra-light blade weighs only 14 grams. Its body is made of polypropylene, and the blade - of surgical steel. When folded the knife looks like a credit card and fits easily into a wallet. The knife is equipped with a limiter that protects against accidental disclosure, therefore, is safe during transportation.

7. A bottle cleaning water

Modern gadgets for tourists

Water Purifier Grayl. / Photo:

Constant access to clean water is becoming a luxury in backpacking and traveling to other countries. Whatever it may seem clean water in the natural source or the faucet, but it needs filtering. This is especially true in places like Africa, Asia, Central America, known for their poor quality tap water. In such circumstances, rescue ultralight Grayl bottle with built-in filter. Its capacity is 473 ml and a weight of 309 grams. Grayl clears water from viruses and bacteria in 15 seconds. This is a great way to always have on hand fresh water suitable for drinking, thus saving on the purchase of bottled water.

8. Standalone Flashlight

Modern gadgets for tourists

Inflatable flashlight LuminAID. / Photo:

If you are thinking about the light source on a camping trip, it is worth closer look at the inflatable lanterns LuminAID, rechargeable direct sunlight. In their arsenal are two functions: the actual lamp with five modes and charger. Portable, lightweight and waterproof flashlights are made in the form of a translucent plastic bag in which the integrated solar panel and a battery capacity of 2000mAh. For loop they are hung on a backpack carabiner and charged on the go during the day's march.

Interesting fact: the inventor of the inflatable flashlight Anna Stork (Anna Stork) and Andrea Sreshta (Andrea Sreshta) developed the lighting fixture for use during natural disasters. Later novelty appreciated lovers of outdoor activities and picnics in fresh air. Part of lanterns sold by charity and commercial scheme, profits from which are to ensure the lights LuminAID people in need in conflict areas, areas affected by the violence of the elements, as well as in developing countries, where there are problems with the electricity grid.

9. Tent, hanging above the ground

Tent Tentsile Tree Tents. / Photo:

Tent Tentsile Tree Tents pushes the rest horizons, combining comfort with practicality hammock tents and allowing you to comfortably accommodate any environment. It can be installed on the ground as a conventional tent and suspended in the air like a hammock, with three support points like trees. Belts are provided with protection system against twisting, so does not roll to the center of nothing inside. The tent has a cover made of waterproof fabric and mesh screen to contemplate the starry sky, being protected from the insects. This is a wonderful choice for travelers to sleep because the air is much more comfortable and romantic than in the rocky or wet ground.