The strangest cause of death (Part 2)

strangled vehicle

The strangest cause of death (Part 2)

The dancer Isadora Duncan shone on the international stage at the beginning of the 20th century. The world was shocked by her strange death in Nice, France, in 1927. Duncan was a passenger in an open car, when her long, glamorous, light scarf, which adorned her neck, hit the wheel of a car. Scarf wrapped around the shaft and pulled a Duncan, who snatched from his seat. She fell to the ground and broke his neck.

It was the last car accident, in a number of those who fell in Duncan during his career. A tragic coincidence was that in 1913, the car in which there was a nurse with two children dancers, fell into the river Seine near Paris, Duncan children died in this accident.

The Curse of the Pharaoh

The strangest cause of death (Part 2)

George Herbert, the fifth Earl of Carnarvon, was a philanthropist who financed Howard Carter archaeological expedition to the tomb of Tutankhamen in 1922.

He died in Egypt under mysterious circumstances just six weeks after the discovery of the burial chamber. First Herbert bitten by a mosquito, then he accidentally cut the bite while shaving, the infection got into the wound. In the end, he died of blood poisoning.

According to many, the death of Herbert - is evidence that the curse of Tutankhamun's real. At that time, the news reported that mummified body of Tutankhamun mosquito bite was found in the same location as the deadly wound was Herbert. Twelve people were present at the opening of the sarcophagus began to die one after the other under similar mysterious circumstances, victims of revenge Pharaoh Tut, according to this story.

The crushed coffin

The strangest cause of death (Part 2)

Carry the coffin - unhappy occupation, but is not so risky. However, one person who carried the coffin, it ended very sadly.

In 1872, Henry Taylor was a part of the funeral motorcade was heading to Kensal Green Cemetery in London. Six men carried the coffin, moving along a narrow path, which after recent rain was slippery. Funeral director asked those who carried the coffin to turn to then it can be lowered into the grave as it should be.

Obviously, Taylor slipped on a rock and fell when they were developed with the coffin. Those who carried the coffin with him, released him from the hands and the coffin in turn overturned on poor Henry, crushing him.

Died laughing

The strangest cause of death (Part 2)

They say that laughter - the best medicine. But not in the case of Scottish aristocrat and writer Thomas Urquhart. He lived at the court in the 17th century and served as the first King Charles I, and later Charles II, particularly than to fall out of favor, with the result that he was threatened with imprisonment in the Tower of London. Ultimately it was sent to Europe. Several eccentric Scot, said to have died from "excessive laughter" when he heard the news that Charles II was restored to the throne in 1660.

Death from laughter is not so rare, to recall Martin of Aragon and the Greek philosopher Chrysippus, who died in a fit of joy. It is believed that in such cases, assuming that they actually occurred, excessive laughter actually caused or suffocation or heart failure.

Death by Beard

The strangest cause of death (Part 2)

Death of facial hair - a very rare case. However, one Bavarian Renaissance literally fell victim to his famous beard.

In the church of St. Stephen in Braunau am Inn, located at the German-Austrian border, a memorial sign to the former mayor, who died under mysterious circumstances. Hans Steininger was mayor of the city in the 1560s and was known as "a man with a long beard." Reportedly, Steininger had never cut his beard. A man with a surprisingly long beard depicted in bas-relief on the wall of the church, as well as in other locations throughout the city.

Steininger usually kept beard neatly folded in a special bag. However, trying to escape from a fire that broke out in 1567 in the city it is in a hurry is not laid his beard, so it does not get in the way. Fleeing, he stepped on it and fell and broke his neck. Beard 452-year-old is stored in the city museum.