The most expensive things sold at auction

Due to the eBay site we have the opportunity to get pleasure from online auctions. EBay Pierre Omidyar (Pierre Omidyar) was established in 1995 in California, and now has offices in 30 countries. Today, eBay offers "Buy-It-Now" purchase, online trade in tickets to the event, and more.

Probably, no one American, who could say that they have never bought anything on eBay or just did not look at this site, but even more interesting is how much money people are willing to spend on purchases on this website. From priceless artifacts to one-of-a-kind memorabilia on eBay selling the most unusual things for crazy money. Here are the top 10 most expensive items ever sold on eBay.

10. EBay for charity: Lunch with Warren Buffett - 3,300,100 USD

The most expensive things sold at auction

Warren Buffett - a man whose condition is the third largest in the world, so the chance to talk over lunch with the legendary business tycoon is probably worth that amount. 88-year-old billionaire has collaborated with eBay, to raise money for the Glide Foundation charity, which donates money to the poor, people struggling with addiction, or homelessness.

Auction - it is something very near and dear to the hearts of a successful investor, Buffett's annual goal to charity $ 20 million. "Glide Foundation really helps people who have reached the bottom, back to normal," - said Buffett.

9. The baseball bat "Barefoot" Joe Jackson - 577,610 USD

The most expensive things sold at auction

Joseph Jackson (Joseph Jackson) was outfielder Major League Baseball who played very well on the field, but his 12-year career was interrupted abruptly. Jackson is rumored to have been linked to the scandal Black Sox, when members of the Chicago White Sox intentionally lost the 1919 World Series championship year. Although Jackson was acquitted and the other participants, they received a lifetime ban from Major League Baseball. Baseball bat Jackson was sold on eBay for 577,610 dollars Rob Mitchell (Rob Mitchell), the owner of a marketing company.

8. The original sign HOLLYWOOD - 450 $ 400

The most expensive things sold at auction

In 1923 in Los Angeles, California established a world-famous HOLLYWOOD sign. However, the first character at the end of addition was LAND. Sign made to help in the local real estate development, but because of the attention to it, left no mark.

In 1949, a sign was reconstructed, and the last four letters are removed. Dan Bliss (Dan Bliss), the former owner of the sign, sold it on eBay for $ 450 400. Bliss bought the sign Hank Berger (Hank Berger), a nightclub promoter, which in turn bought the sign of the Chamber of Commerce of Hollywood (Hollywood Chamber of Commerce) after it was removed.

7. Baseball icon Mike Trout in 2009 - 400 000.

The most expensive things sold at auction

Mike Trout professional baseball player of the Los Angeles Angels. Trout eight times participated in All-Star games, Major League Baseball, and in 2014 and 2016 received an award as the American League's most valuable player. He was nicknamed "Milvillskim meteor", highly praised in the press, and it is considered one of the greatest players in baseball history.

Icon was first sold on eBay for $ 500 000, but then the price fell to 400 000 dollars. For the money it was bought Oansi Dave (Dave Oancea).

6. "Life" Ian Usher - 309,292 USD

The most expensive things sold at auction

Who knew that with a single keypress someone can get a new life and leave all your worries behind. One person is living proof that eBay is changing lives for the better. After his divorce from his wife Jan Usher (Ian Usher) hit the bottom, but he decided to give up his possessions and follow his dream. In 2008, he put his life "for sale" on eBay for 309,292 dollars, and was able to break out of their homes and travel the world.

5. The first collection of comics Captain America 1941 - $ 175 200

The most expensive things sold at auction

For decades, Captain America was one of the most beloved superhero fans. Before its image embodied the charming actor Chris Evans (Chris Evans), Cap fans could see him only in the animated television show and comics.

The very first comic book featuring Captain America was published in 1941. Of course, it can be considered priceless artifact, so when it was sold on eBay for 175,200 dollars is not a big surprise.

4. The vehicle Ford Mercury Hot Rod from the movie "Grease" - $ 180 100

The most expensive things sold at auction

In 1978, screens out the musical-romantic comedy "Grease" and for many years all sang a song from this movie. The film, which started with the acting career of John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, is also one of the top grossing musical film.

Cult car Ford Mercury Hot Rod from the film was put up for eBay auction in 2014 for 180,000 dollars. It is reported that it has acquired a huge fan of "Grease".

3. A series of video games Nintendo World Championship - 99 902 dollars

The most expensive things sold at auction

A series of video games Nintendo World Championship was created in 1990 and was a national competition of video games. Tournament winners have handed over 90 rare tapes with video games. In 2014, after the auction, which was filed more than 300 applications, the successful tenderer was able to buy this unique series of 99 902 dollars. Currently, the seller holds the record for the most expensive sale of video games of all time.

2. olive green bag Hermes Birkin - 79 000 dollars

The most expensive things sold at auction

There is not a fashionista who would not dream of the Birkin bag. Leather bag, which was named after actress Jane Birkin, is a symbol of wealth due to the fact that it is worth a fortune, and often appears in the hands of celebrities.

Prices for Birkin bag can range from 11 000 to 300 000 dollars, depending on the leather or fabric used for its production. It is not surprising that this bag was the most expensive bag, sold on eBay. Hermes Birkin olive green, Porosus Crocodile, bought for 79 000 dollars.

1. Crystal glove Michael Jackson - 19 000.

The most expensive things sold at auction

An incredibly talented legendary pop singer Michael Jackson died tragically at the age of 50 years. This artist was known for his unique dance moves, incredible hits and styles that mimic the fans to this day.

One of its highlights was branded crystal glove that he wore on his left hand. This unique stunning glove first appeared in 1983 on the famous ceremony marking the 25th anniversary of the record company Motown Records, where Jackson for the first time demonstrated the "moonwalk." The glove sold on eBay for 19 000 dollars.