The most inveterate womanizer among celebrities

Many girls, falling in love with a womanizer, think they can fix it, but no such luck. Often, these men continue to run after every skirt. Here's a few stellar examples.

Jack Nicholson

The most inveterate womanizer among celebrities

According to the actor, he deceived more than 2,000 women. Among lovers of Jack - known model and actress: Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer, Meryl Streep.

But Nicholson was married only once. "I am very young and I can not promise that will not touch another woman", - said the actor mentally, turning to God in marriage to Sandra Knight. And he was right. He could not long remain faithful to his wife: marriage broke up, and the number of companions Jack grew with incredible speed.

"I never had the women. I have always been insatiable. There were days when in my bed turned out to be just four women - says Jack. - But the main thing for me - freedom. No woman will not take her from me. Until the end of my days I will remain a bachelor. "

Leonardo DiCaprio

The most inveterate womanizer among celebrities

There is nothing surprising in the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio - a great lover of women. Charismatic actor is always popular with the fairer sex. Another would be: who among us has not envied Rose and dreamed of handsome Jack in "Titanic"? Only here what pattern: DiCaprio in the impressive list of all as on selection leggy model, blonde and holders of rare beauty. To date, 44-year-old actor is not married. He meets with the model Camilla Morrone, but the wedding until the question.

Jared Leto

The most inveterate womanizer among celebrities

The actor and singer Thirty Seconds to Mars does not want to tie the knot, and generally prefers not to burden themselves with long-term relationship. Jared loves the simple fellowship of girls, especially he likes blondes (and not whether he conspired with Leo?).

Charming Summer broke not one woman's heart. Among his lovers are such beauty as Scarlett Johansson, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Katharina Damm, Amber Atherton, Ashley Olsen, Cameron Diaz, Britney Spears and others.


The most inveterate womanizer among celebrities

Alexey Dolmatov lot of time "trying to be good, but to be poor." His relationships with women always ended in failure. Being married to Ayse Dolmatova, he did not try to keep her allegiance: "For some time I cheated on his wife. Almost immediately after the birth or even during pregnancy. It's terrible ... At some point I just stopped to hide it, lost in strip clubs, tusil there for a couple of days. This was in the order of things ... "

Later he repented, he devoted wife sad strings and asked for forgiveness. Several times Isa and Alex parted and came together again, until at one point in their marriage finally collapsed. After Isa in Gufan had a lot of girls ... One of his hobbies was the last singer Katy Topuriya. But love star couple did not last long. Rapper changed soloist "A-studio" with an underage girl from Ekaterinburg. The secular parties say, that Katie forgiven apostate, but this is not accurate.

Vlad Sokolovsky

The most inveterate womanizer among celebrities

Vlad Sokolovsky has never suffered from a shortage of female attention. Even in the times of the "encore" for him ran a crowd of fans. However, the choice singer stopped on the counterpart of "American Idol" Rita Dakota.

The stars were married in 2015, and after a couple of years their daughter Mia was born. On the part of the marriage it seemed ideal, but in the summer of last year, Rita fans taken aback by the news of the divorce. On his page on the social network, she said that Vlad cheated on her.

"It all happened like a snowball: first story got out, then a second, automatically confirm all the previous ones. I opened the eyes of friends in common ", - the singer has shared.

A year later, Rita Dakota was able to "recover" and let go of the situation. Now the former spouses try to maintain good relations for the sake of the general's daughter.

Egor Creed

The most inveterate womanizer among celebrities

"I - a bachelor, but you can fix it. It's nothing, just to be photographed. And hardly have remembered her name. Masha, Lena, Katya, Anya, Zhenya, Faith Wick "- Creed sings in one of his tracks. Former blekstarovets - a real heartbreaker. On account of his novels, more than hits. By the way, Yegor prefers a certain type of girls: beautiful long-legged dark-haired models. Something in between Oksana and Anastasia Samoilova Reshetova, oddly enough.

Andrei Arshavin

The most inveterate womanizer among celebrities

Football player Andrei Arshavin did not differ fidelity ever. We did not stop his love affairs or marriage with Julia Baranovsky, nor the presence of children. From the third child of a pregnant wife went to Andrei model Alice Kazmina. It seems that it is about people like him, Olga Buzova sings "on the branch with the branch, from branch to branch."

It is remarkable in this story is that Alice was sure that marriage with her footballer change. But apparently, people do not change, because Arshavin recently began to see in other girls bars. The last straw was the case when an athlete spotted in the community the employee well-known Russian airlines, which left him in a romantic social networks comments. When news of the infidelity of her husband came to the wife of a football player, she broke down and filed for divorce.