Advanced US weapons

• The advanced US weapons

Advanced US weapons

the world's superpower status to be confirmed not only economic, but also military power. The United States has, and that, and another.

On the ground, in the sky and the sea

First of all, it is the aircraft-bomber "stealth" Northrop B-2 Spirit. Apart from invisibility to radar, this heavy bomber became the first production aircraft with a "flying wing". It can carry both ordinary and nuclear weapons. It is the most expensive aircraft in the history of aviation. According to the magazine publication The National Interest, "stealth" able to overcome the defense of any country in the world, including Russia.

Stealth technology used and the sea. We are talking about a single ship in the world - is the destroyer DDG 1000 Zumwalt, has a "stealth" -geometry hull and superstructure.

The US Navy has a laser gun, which the tests were conducted in the Persian Gulf. Cannon knocked UAV from the first shot. Laser gun or rather ordinary, and shot costs only $ 1. At the same instant a shot, silent and invisible. NEW mounted on the landing ship USS Ponce. Action tools does not depend on weather conditions.

Back in the air. Since 2011, commercially available from the newest American aircraft F-35 development group Lockheed Martin. The aircraft has three versions - for the Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy. Characterized, in particular, take-off mode and weapons, "sharpened" under the tasks of the combat arm, which is attached to the F-35. Work on the improvement of the aircraft are continuing. The US Army continues to be proud of the tank M1A2 "Abrams", believing it to be the best in the world, but with the start of production has already passed more than a dozen years. Besides the Army and the US Marine Corps "Abrams" is maintained in the armed forces of several countries more. Not only a tank received such media attention - about him were written thousands of articles, where the machine is described in the most superlatives. Nevertheless, "Abrams" - the only modern tank without automatic loader, which has a crew of charging. This significantly reduces the rate of the tank.

The legendary "Hammer" - more precisely, "Humvee" - the troops will soon be replaced by an army jeep L-ATV. The first samples arrived in the Marine Corps in 2016. Start of large-scale supply - 2018, when the troops come first 17 thousand cars. Total will change 280 000 "Humvee". One L-ATV is worth $ 399,000. Combat weight - 6, 4 tons. Equipment: one 7, 62-mm M240 machine gun; a 40 mm automatic grenade launcher Mk 19; one antitank missile system TOW. The weapon is mounted on a remote-controlled unit.

The robots are coming. And fly

The United States in recent years, distinguished combat use of unmanned aerial vehicles of different classes and types. This UAV reconnaissance and attack aircraft and bombers. More drones were used during "Operation Desert Storm" in the former Yugoslavia. In 2012, armed with was already 7, 5000 drones, now - more than 11 thousand, the cost from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Just a couple of months ago in the Baltic Sea near the Russian border was zasechon strategic UAV RQ-4A Global Hawk.

Ground robot has been applied in the United States in 2007, in Iraq. Use them in Afghanistan. United States - the leader in the use of robots in the army, but so far we are not talking about the use of lethal automatic weapons: mine clearance, intelligence, surveillance, implementation of transport tasks and engineering works.

Robots are used as a crawler, and moving on his feet, usually - on four. No resemblance to a human or other military robots are not a living being, a look of overkill for the tasks and inefficient. Most often, the robots represent a unified platform, is equipped with the necessary modules for the goals and objectives. Some robots are fully autonomous, others are controlled remotely by the operator. Robots are divided into light, medium and heavy, not so much weight as to the destination and use. Before the creation of the robot-soldier a la Terminator still very far away. Not to mention the fact that as long as on the battlefield is not for such jobs devices in which they would be more effective human-Grunt.

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