Rules of food in hot weather

11 months of the year we are waiting for the hot summer days, and in July, when our latitude is coming this summer, begin to complain. Dehydration, weakness, drowsiness, loss of appetite - the heat brings with it a lot of trouble. Describes how to alleviate the condition through proper diet.

Rules of food in hot weather

Add vegetables to the menu

It is important to add to the menu, plenty of foods with high moisture content - primarily it is the berries, such as strawberries, as well as cucumbers, squash, melons and water melons, leafy vegetables and celery. We get food from about 30% of the required water for us, but on hot days it takes more H2O, and to change their habits and to drink extra water bottle hard. Therefore it is better to play it safe and try to make sure that food helps to maintain fluid balance, otherwise you can easily earn dehydration.

Rules of food in hot weather

Be careful with ice cream

And also very cold juices, sorbet, granita - in short, any food and drinks that contain ice. They really help you cool, but the effect will be short-lived. Quenching will cause the body will try as soon as possible to increase the temperature and bring it to normal. So very soon you will suffer from the heat, even more than before ate sorbet. Of course, drinking smoothies can and should be - they replenish the water and give you vitamins. Just do not add them to the ice.

Reduce the number of calories

When the temperature is close to 30 ° C, our need for calories decreases. However, not so dramatic - only 5-7%. If you ignore it, you can gain extra kilogram, or even two. Fortunately, the appetite in the heat, too, can not be called brutal. So the hottest weeks of the summer - the perfect time to go on a light diet. Try to prepare something useful, and wherein the dietary, e.g., chicken roll with dried tomatoes or meatballs Cod with mussels, green and poached eggs.

Try to eat during the cooler hours

Breakfast early in the morning and not at 10:00, dinner after sunset, rather than at 7 pm: possible on very hot days you have to slightly change the usual schedule of meals. So you can avoid discomfort, heaviness in the stomach and drowsiness - after a meal is always sleepy, and the heat makes us even lazier. Try not to spend too much time at the stove, give preference to simple and quick recipes.

Refuse dangerous products

In the heat of the bacteria multiply faster, but if you are not a microbiologist, armed with special equipment, you'll never know how much faster. A rule of thumb to determine this figure is impossible. Therefore, the safest thing to exclude all perishable products. Any meat roasting of rare, raw fish and other seafood, boiled eggs, and dairy products fresh wait until September days.