Useful Tricks for those who do not like to iron

Useful Tricks for those who do not like to iron

Valet things always takes a lot of time at the mistress. Especially if delicate fabrics and they need a special approach. However, this procedure can be reduced to a minimum or no recourse to the iron support. The main thing - to follow the advice mentioned below.

Certainly, many of the households do not you just say the phrase, "you are not erased, and the machine!". In fact, the way it is, but the bulk preliminary work that would meet every woman, has not been canceled. First, you need to disassemble and sort the laundry basket clothing. Next, prepare the items for washing and treat stains. Then start washing at the end of it to get the clothes and hang to dry. Once things dry, it should be set aside what you need to iron, and the rest folded and put away in the closet. After listing all the items, washing does not seem so easy and inconsequential pastime, subservient, even a child. It is necessary to spend a lot of time and effort. And that it was not in vain, try to follow the guidelines below.

Tip 1: Do not leave things for a long time at the end of the wash in the washing machine

Useful Tricks for those who do not like to iron

The things from the washing machine you need to get right, so they do not get crushed. / Photo:

If you did not immediately take out the clothes from the drum and the laundry, they strongly pomnutsya and you will be hard for them to smooth. Busy people who can not get on the end of the wash things out of the washing machine, experts advise to use the useful functions of the device. In this situation, you need a mode of "easy ironing". If you select it, the unit will not hold intermediate spin. And when it's time to rinse the car just add more water than in the standard mode, which helps prevent the formation of wrinkles on fabrics. If you want things to be washed by the time you come home from work, then click on the "delayed start" button. Also, try not to overload the drum, clearly follow all instructions. If you ignore this point, the clothes much pomnetsya. Also it can tear or deform.

Tip 2: Shake and flatten underwear

Useful Tricks for those who do not like to iron

After washing, need to shake the sheets and clothes. / Photo:

The clothes and linens less hesitated, and the towels were more fluffy and soft, lying in piles, shake them after drying. Also, try to straighten the finish, such as ruffles and lace, to put things more smoothly into the cabinet.

Tip 3: Consider the type of fabric

Useful Tricks for those who do not like to iron

Look at the label on the clothes, to know how to take care of the thing. / Photo:

Before you distribute the things to their places after drying, look at the fabric from which they are made. If you wash clothes were made of light materials such as silk, polyester, nylon, they should immediately hang on hangers and placed in the closet. As for the knitted things, then they do not crumple, so they can immediately be folded and put on the shelf.

Tip 4: Do not fold in half bras

Useful Tricks for those who do not like to iron

To bras are not deformed, fold them neatly one after the other. / Photo:

Probably many of you have noticed how there bras in lingerie stores: exactly, neatly, close to each other. This arrangement helps to avoid deformations of bras. Therefore, this method need to be adopted. But if you stack them in half, putting one cup of underwear in another, the filler may go in one direction. This has a negative effect on the subsequent process of wearing and will lead to the fact that bra soon will become worthless.

Tip 5: Lay the socks together, bent in half several times

Useful Tricks for those who do not like to iron

Keep the socks in the drawer bleaching. / Photo:

Our grandmothers and mothers are usually twisted socks into a ball that one of them was lost. On the one hand, this approach can be considered as practical as it saves you from the vain search for the second sock throughout the apartment, which usually take more than one hour. But, at the same time, this process leads to the fact that the fabric is deformed and stretched rubber bands. According, experts advise to lay socks together, bent in half. So they will not wrinkle, and change its shape. It is advisable to allocate to them a separate box in the closet, so they are not lost.

Tip 6: Consider the style of the product

Useful Tricks for those who do not like to iron

That things do not change, they need to fold based on style. / Photo:

To avoid the appearance of unsightly wrinkles on the things you need to look at the style of the product before you put it. Think about where to place the line. Here is an example: if you add a thin sweater or jacket in half lengthwise, then fold would be right in the middle. The same situation occurs with classic trousers. Therefore pants are better placed in the closet on hangers special equipped with clothespins. That they have not changed, fix them on the rack belt.

Life hacking: Regarding the sweater, then initially need to add sleeves to the middle of the products they touch. Followed by wrap the lower part of the jackets back to shoulder level. Next, turn the sweater on the other side and fold three times to get a neat triangle.

Tip 7: Keep folded sweaters on the lower shelves

If you place the sweaters on the lower shelves, they will be easier to get. / Photo:

If you are not of high growth and reach the top shelf of the cabinet only with the help of a stool, try to put the necessary clothes you down. Thus, you can avoid a situation where, together with the right jacket entire stack with things falling on you. On the top shelf of the wardrobe is better positioned seasonal clothes that you do not need at the moment. It is also a great place for bed linen, pillows and blankets, which you need only occasionally, not every day.