Underappreciated horror of the XXI century

People have different attitudes to the films in the genre of "horror", but some of them definitely have not received the attention they deserve. I have on the list to view the finished good movies, so I decided to rethink your favorite horror movies, and out of them a list that can be shared.

Child of Darkness (2009)

Underappreciated horror of the XXI century

Although this film a good audience rating, criticism, he absolutely did not like. And it is a real mess, because among all the films of the "terrible child" this - one of the coolest. Gripping story with somber dashing turns. Yes, it has a hideous, just sickening moment, but the film is still great.

"The husband and wife who recently lost their baby adopt a 9-year-old girl, who was not an innocent, which wants to appear."

The Monster (2016)

Underappreciated horror of the XXI century

This author's film independent film A24 was completely ignored when it was released a few years ago. At the same time, it is a special look at the formula for the movie about monsters, with a very dramatic climax that ends a long and fierce battle with the monster said. Very weak assessment of critics, while the public seems to be divided. I love this movie.

"Mothers and daughters have to resist the terrible monsters, as they make their way to his goal on a deserted road."

Abode of the Damned (2014)

Underappreciated horror of the XXI century

In spite of the fact that in this film assembled a terrific cast, he almost did not attract attention. This Gothic history, which in essence is based on a short story by Edgar Allan Poe and makes the viewer wonder hard until the last minute, what's all over. The film is not particularly brutal or bloodthirsty - it's just a solid historical play with psychopathic characters, and brilliant acting. "Oxford graduate gets a job in a mental hospital, and there discovers that the" revolutionary "new treatment methods completely inhumane, and in general there is a lot of things like that, which at first glance do not see."

Experiment "Obedience" (2012)

Underappreciated horror of the XXI century

I have reviewed thousands of horror films, and it was the only movie that literally make me jump up and scream, staring at the TV screen. Not particularly scary, but amazing and disturbing story nervous. It is based on facts, and one only, that in the world there are so stupid people, is in itself frightening.

"A normal Friday evening in a small restaurant fast food interrupted call a police officer, who claims to be a young girl, the cashier stole the client's money, and then starts something much more sinister."

Bone Tomahawk (2015)

Underappreciated horror of the XXI century

The film - an excellent example of what Hollywood sorely lacking these days: the originality! Fresh and unique combination of western and horror, with an outstanding cast. There are some extremely bloody and intense moments of violence, but the story as a whole - is, in essence, methodically paced western.

"At sunset, the good old days of the West old sheriff and his men went to rescue the city doctor of cannibals living in the caves."

inside daemon (2016)

Underappreciated horror of the XXI century

A simple but elegant return to the mysteries of the supernatural horror, the peak of the popularity of which came in the seventies. It does not use these tricks and spetseffekty just terribly terrible story with a small but very high-quality cast. Great character, great atmosphere, and the overall feel of the film - a delight. "Father and son, two investigators are involved in a complex mystical history. They are trying to identify the dead body of a young woman, who, as it turned out, was fraught with sinister secrets. "

Bloody Harvest (2003)

Underappreciated horror of the XXI century

As with other French horror films of the period, this story is an ultra-violent and shockingly bloody. The film is very solidly made, it keeps you in suspense from beginning to alarm completely crazy end. Too many critics commended the "blood sacrifice" negative, mainly due to its finale, but I honestly believe that this is one of the best episodes in the film.

"Best friends Marie and Alex decides to spend a quiet weekend at a secluded farmhouse parents Alexia. But on the first night after their arrival girls relaxing vacation turns into an endless night of horrors.

Paris. City of the Dead (2014)

Underappreciated horror of the XXI century

I watched this movie one night, being pretty drunk, and then I really liked it. Then I read the reviews and thought that the whole thing was alcohol. So I looked it up again, and, imagine the impression it was not worse. Gloomy, claustrophobic, creepy and very original story. Critics have understood everything completely wrong.

"When a group of researchers went to the catacombs, which are located under the streets of Paris, they uncover a sinister secret, which is hidden in this city of the dead."

The Werewolf (2000)

Underappreciated horror of the XXI century

This low-budget Canadian movie about a werewolf in the last two decades, has become a cult classic, but, in my opinion, it is still criminally underrated. The original horror film for teenagers, with a lot of blood and guts. I personally love both of its continuation, even though most of my friends say that they are too primitive. "Two sisters obsessed with death, leading the life of a rogue in affluent suburban area, faced with the tragic consequences when one of them bites ruthless werewolf."

Freddy vs. Jason (2003)

Underappreciated horror of the XXI century

To me and other fans of the genre "slasher", which is usually a maniac preys on teenagers, this film - a definite winner of the Super Cup. Yes, I must admit it is a bit stupid, but it has everything that makes these films so interesting. Stunning murder, stupid teenagers and two uncontrollable monster killer. Unfortunately, a lot going on, most likely, will not be, and it was the last feature film with Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger, but the picture - a positive and a fascinating look at the legendary maniac killer Freddy and Jason.

"Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees return to terrorize the local teenagers. However, this time they will also enter into mortal combat with each other. "