How to save on shopping and look stylish

How to save on shopping and look stylish

Move your home order

Unexpected item, huh? However, just removing the home, you will see all the things you already have in your wardrobe and you will avoid wasting money. In addition, it is likely you have forgotten about some clothes, so and planned to buy it. As often happens with gym shoes, scarves and handbags. The same applies to cosmetics or's Skin funds. Another red lipstick, of course, you will appreciate the (first five minutes), but why is it you, if the house is three more new ones? In addition, it is better to buy one, expensive and quality that perfectly suits you in color than all the time to rush in search of the new.

Do not buy clothes at once

Sister's wedding, bachelorette girlfriends, day guy birthday, anniversary organization, foam parties ... And for every occasion need a new bow. However, buying clothes at once, you only will spam wardrobe and spend the entire salary. In the meantime, almost any outfit you can find in the rental services, with friends, or second-hand. By the way, due to the latter can generally create a cool image for a penny, and if something happens to throw away without the slightest regret. Accordingly, the need to spend money only on those things that you will be worn at all times and be able to combine with other clothes in your wardrobe. Stylists also recommend not to follow fashion and short-term trends, and buying a universal clothes that accentuate your figure and will be relevant for several years.

all purchases Plan

Even if you decide that you need to buy only jeans, but they will not be limited shopping. You will like and a jacket, and a new handbag, and a third pair of beige shoes and a pink barrette, that you will never wear. And all of a sudden become a vital! So be sure to purchase better somewhere to write. So you'll know exactly in what stores you need and do not need to go and, besides money, and save another time. Also, you can register a budget that you are willing to spend on shopping. At least, it will stop you from expensive acquisitions or unnecessary things.

to compare prices at several stores

Here you feel that you have found the dream dress, so ready to give him the salary, but what is the guarantee that in another store are not the same, similar, or even better, and at a lower price? Before taking it, go around boutiques and carefully look at all the windows. Especially when we are talking about hot discounts and sales. At this time, shops - macabre competition with each other, so try as much as possible to attract buyers pleasant bonuses.

Be vigilant with discounts and discounts

Numbers on a red price tag, so pleasing to the eye and the female heart, not always justified and fair. The dress, which is now under the discount is worth a hundred dollars, could initially sell for 70. So do not be afraid to gently tear off the last price tag discount and watch the original price. With regard to discounts in the boutiques, they often offer a discount on the second or third thing or something as a gift. And it seems from this shopping only pros. But in fact, offers are so tempting that you're absolutely ready to buy unnecessary things just to get something for free. And after all this years is bought in boxes and just takes place in the closet.

Do not go for shopping after the salary

The ideal time for shopping - a week before the salaries. Then you "sober" assesses what you really need to buy that can wait or never come in handy. And immediately after the salary there is a risk of uncontrolled shopping and spending large sums on a completely unnecessary clothing and accessories. Also, try to pay in cash, they are morally difficult to give, can not be said about the bank card.

Text: Tanya Kozlovsky