The best places in the plane

• The best seats on the plane

Even the economy class on a plane, you can travel with sufficient level of comfort, if choose the right landing place for a loved one. Of course, the best place went not for everyone, so it is important to know and remember the number of subtleties in choosing a flight ticket. All in order to at the end did not suffer during the flight to be somewhere near the entrance to the bathroom.

The best places in the plane

1. What you need to know about the service class

The best places in the plane

It is necessary to know the number of subtleties. | Photo:

The higher class of service, the more comfortable to fly - it is quite self-evident truth. By itself, the higher the grade, the more expensive and less tickets. When the ticket has already been purchased, a class of service can be improved for the money. For example, the "economy" can be changed to "improved economy" or "business". Of course, in such a situation can not be places in the higher class. In rare cases, the business-class passengers get out of the cost, if the last tickets were sold more than there are vacant seats in the cheapest class. However, the case is not common.

It is important to: improve service class can be using a payment card, which was issued by the bank together with the airline or use the accumulated miles. Miles in the framework of special programs possible to save only those who are frequent fliers. If you often go on business trips, will not be superfluous to have a map of airline mile programs.

2. What you need to know about the emergency number and superior place

The best places in the plane

There are places high level of comfort. | Photo:

In most aircraft, "the steward" There are several rows of seats in the cabin, which are superior places. In such places, more legroom. Also there because of the difficult access to some number of seats can take one passenger. Access to these individual sites blocked by the carrier within the airline loyalty programs for customers with high status.

The best places in the plane

There are emergency numbers. | Photo:

In addition to fly more comfortably possible in the so-called emergency number. However, it is not only a privilege but also a great responsibility. Firstly, you need to know the national language or English airline. Second, examine the memo evacuation. Third, be prepared to assist the cabin crew in the event of an emergency. Fourth, in these places it is prohibited to keep luggage in the same order in which it is permitted to keep the rest of the field. In the first place it will be impossible to keep luggage under your feet.

3. Where exactly take the place of

The best places in the plane

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If we discard all the above "preferred" seats in the cabin, it is worth remembering that the remaining positions in the plane and have their own specifics. For example, if there is a need to work during the voyage of the laptop, it is worth to try to get a place for themselves in the window. The same goes for those who plan to sleep during the flight. Here you can lean on the wall.

The best places in the plane

place by the window, too, wow. |Foto:

Tall people better to take an aisle seat, because here you can stretch your legs into the aisle. However, in this case, you will need to monitor the movement of passengers and conductor. The same goes for smoking and drinking plenty of fluids, as well as those who, due to health status is often to go to the toilet.

The nose of the aircraft not sit for those who want to quickly start eating soon lose the dirty dishes after it, and to leave the plane after landing soon. However, it should not forget that sit around parents with young children.

The rear seats are traditionally considered to be the safest. However, there is next to the kitchen, which can be a source of additional noise. Therefore, it is best to take place in the middle.