How to help yourself with sunburn

• How to help yourself with sunburn

In the summer so nice to soak up the sun - and so unpleasant to see on his shoulder burned. It seems that it is a trifle, but it is quite dangerous: the sun - the main cause of skin aging, and burns increase the chances of developing melanoma. To avoid them, you can, if you always use a cream with UV protection. And what to do if the burn has already happened?

How to help yourself with sunburn

1. How do you know that it burns?

The easiest way to determine the problem by looking at the red color of the skin. The sun causes the development of inflammation and leads to the death of skin cells. This portion becomes hot, red, often sore to the touch. Scorch develops within 2-6 hours after sun exposure and peak after 12-24 hours.

2. What you need to do first?

It is important to act as quickly as possible at the first sign of the problem. To cool the skin, you can wrap a piece of ice in a cloth and apply to the affected area. Take cool shower and wash up under hot water.

3. What cream to smear?

There are many remedies for burns. As a rule, it is best to help cream with aloe vera, shea butter, lanolin and calamine. Also promote rapid healing of vitamins C and E. Avoid embodiments with acid and highly active ingredients, including lidocaine and benzocaine.

4. When you can sunbathe again?

Burned areas should smear the cream and not to expose under the sun's rays, repeated burning is very harmful! The rest of the skin surface to apply the cream every two hours and not to sunbathe all day without interruption.

5. When to see a doctor?

If the skin is blistered, or you have a fever, headache, nausea, you should consult with a specialist.