As Enneagram personality helps build a harmonious relationship in the family

In fact, this is normal, sometimes argue and even quarrel with a partner, but still nice to know that using the test became known as the Enneagram of personality, you can explore the features of the character, in order to avoid conflicts and marriage problems.

As Enneagram personality helps build a harmonious relationship in the family

to build a healthy relationship, it is important to know what traits your and your spouse may be, as they say, you have to push their foreheads. Find out what enneatip corresponds to each of you, you will be able to anticipate and even prevent potential conflicts before they manifest themselves.

What, indeed, is the Enneagram, and she can tell you about your personality? If you believe Wikipedia, the Enneagram - a "model of the human psyche, which means a typology of nine interrelated types of character."

Test "Enneagram of personality" is a great tool that can help you create a healthy relationship with your spouse. Ideally, to get the most out of both of you should apply this psychological tool, both individually and together. This will contribute to personal development and enhance your ability to cope with all the hardships of family life.

This method is a fantastic point to your weaknesses and help get rid of old habits and thoughts that are no longer working for you, as well as pave the way leading to the improvement of the physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Enneatipy indicate in what area you are most likely to experience difficulties when find yourself in a state of stress. The higher the level of your emotional, physical and spiritual health, the less you will suffer from these problems. However, belonging to a particular enneatipu does not mean that it is an accurate indication of the problems that you may experience. Everything will depend on the health of the three energy centers - head, heart and body. However, the Enneagram is an excellent tool to help you find out what it is necessary to pay attention first and foremost. Your weakness may occur unconsciously, without falling into the field of attention. If you both strive for self-improvement, the Enneagram can help you gain a deeper love and intimacy than you could ever imagine.

If your spouse is not willing to learn the enneagram, you can determine his or her enneatip, but do not treat this information very seriously. In fact, the only person who can accurately identify your personality type, it's you. If your partner is not inclined to engage in the study of his personality, it indicates that he or she is determined to be themselves. In addition, it is a sign of their commitment to the long-term healthy relationship.

All existing enneatipy are neither good nor bad. They are just different. Having studied the average characteristics of each enneatipa, you can understand that it can unbalance yourself and your partner. Here are nine enneatipov and corresponding potential problems that you and your husband or wife may encounter. They, in turn, are divided into three groups.

assertive enneatipy

Energetic enneatipy exposed to a significant risk of over- or under-utilization of the energy of the head center. They are often very sensitive and, to survive, build an emotional high wall around his heart, and most of them it was never even thought of.

Enneatip 3 - "Dostigatel"

"Troika" is usually:

  • are able to concentrate fully on his work
  • have difficulty with self-care at home
  • can be extremely competitive and in tune with the competition
  • like to always look good
  • are willing to change their behavior to become more successful. Their motto is - to do everything they need to succeed.
  • may be emotionally detached, indifferent
  • believe it is important to be loved and respected by

Dostigateli bloom when concentrating their forces on how to learn to love themselves and do not hide their vulnerable side.

Enneatip 7 - Enthusiast

"Seven" is always:

  • are looking for, where the "grass is greener"
  • may be excessive in its manifestations
  • easily sink into boredom
  • like to have fun
  • do not wish to focus on any complicated issues in my life
  • devote themselves to something with great reluctance.

enthusiasts achieve personal growth, if hesitant to take the risk and slow the pace of life, to feel the pain, discomfort and confusion, they always try to avoid.

Enneatip 8 - Contender

"Eight" is often:

  • to dominate like
  • are sometimes aggressive
  • are prone to confrontation and intimidation
  • stressed self-contained
  • like to fully control your life
  • are prone to drunkenness force
  • behave like a bull in a china shop.

They will succeed if hesitant to risk and weaken control the disclosure of their big heart and show a vulnerable side.

Closed types

Closed types have a tendency to overuse or underuse of the energy center of the body. People who belong to this category, it is easy to ignore the needs of their body. Often they are certain problems associated with self-care.

Enneatip 4 - Maverick

"Four" characterized by the following qualities:

  • they are very emotional and prone to dramatic
  • are often "stuck" in some of his favorite sentiment. And it is rather from the mind than of the senses. It is noticed that they often confuse ideas with emotions
  • They are temperamental. They are easy to excite the envy of something that has other people
  • tend to sink into your imagination
  • are constantly looking for the man who would save them from the constant feeling of unhappiness.

Four can achieve success and personal growth, if they learn to express their creativity through the heart, through the deep friendly feelings, accept themselves as they are.

Enneatip 5 - Researcher

"Five" is usually characterized by the following features:

  • tendency to withdraw into their own mind
  • are known asceticism, the ability to do a minimum of
  • They find it difficult to hold a conversation on topics that are alien to them
  • They may be unusually secretive
  • They may be self-critical, if something does not know or do not know how to
  • under stress they can behave provocatively

So people need to learn to share their thoughts and ideas with others, as well as pay more attention to your body.

Enneatip 9 - The Peacemaker

"Nine" is usually:

  • are willing to do anything, just to settle the conflict. Any form of unfriendliness seems to them threatening.
  • may be exclusively located and pretty
  • love their everyday lives, which helps them to maintain inner calm
  • may be lethargic and look at the world from the outside, if they were not an integral part of the
  • may exhibit unusual stubbornness, when their world is threatened
  • under stress tend to underestimate themselves

Peacekeepers succeed when expressing their interests, desires, hopes and dreams, and gain inner strength when telling the truth.

Conscientious enneatipy

People who characterized enneatipy this group tend to under-utilization of the energy of the head center. they all suffer from the excessive activity of their own brain, which makes it difficult for them to communicate with the deeper wisdom, originally inherent in them.

Enneatip 1 - The Reformer

"Units" are often:

  • too serious most of the time
  • continued feel personally responsible for the problems of the world
  • are often too critical of himself and others
  • are prone to saying harsh judgments
  • perfectionists who feel like failures if they failed to perform their task well
  • many seem overly opinionated.

For the reformers, the path to harmony is through quieting your inner critic by meditation. They are able to gain inner strength, coming into contact with their own inner world.

Enneatip 2 - Assistant

  • "Deuce", as a rule:
  • are prone to please others
  • are ready to assume the role of a "martyr", that is, to suffer in order to help others
  • love to save people, hoping that their love for these people is mutual
  • are seeking approval and ask for permission from the other
  • put the welfare of others above their own needs, often ignoring your physical, spiritual and emotional health.

"assistant" you must learn to love yourself just as they love others. They can find their inner strength, having spent some time exclusively for themselves.

Enneatip 6 - Loyalist

"Six," as a rule:

  • seek safety
  • feel responsible for the well-being of those they care about someone, and who is
  • depends on them

  • anxiety prone, easily passing into trouble
  • are constantly preparing for the possibility that something will happen
  • are prone to stubbornness and sarcasm.

Loyalists can succeed, if they learn to trust themselves. They are able to find their inner strength through meditation that give them access to deeply hidden courage. Here we must remind you that we have given only a problem of all personality types. Each of them is characterized by great dignity. When you and your spouse will achieve the improvement of the energy centers, you will feel that the relationship has become more harmonious and happy.

In addition, each is useful to remember that nothing bad happens to him. We are not talking about those or other defects. You and your partner do not need to be repaired. You just need to learn to understand themselves and reveal the best qualities of self.

The best way to help the partner - is to be healthy. If you can do this work together, you will need to learn to communicate with empathy. It is important to let others know when you are making progress, no matter how this progress is great.

Studying enneatipa person in any case it should not be linked to the labeling. Enneagram should never be used as a weapon. So be generous and kind to each other.