Mysterious and terrible accident on the road, drivers told

Reddit users have shared chilling stories that happened to them while driving.

Mysterious and terrible accident on the road, drivers told

Barking man

Mysterious and terrible accident on the road, drivers told

"Many years ago I was practicing so-called" meet and come back. " One driver travels from one city and another - from another, they meet in the middle. We met in the parking lot, exchanged trailers and drove back. I practiced such meetings several times and noticed that always arrive half an hour before the other driver. Once I did the same as always, I came to the parking lot. Three in the morning, nobody around. I stretched out on the seat and prepared to take a nap.

But suddenly after 10 minutes after a nap, I was awakened by the barking of dogs. I tried to ignore him, but he only became louder and closer. After listening, I realized that the dog is right next to my car. "Whether the dog is trying to have something to warn, or whether he simply do nothing, must be something in it to throw," - I thought.

I sat down and looked out the window. To my horror, I saw a dog. A few inches from the window was a large man, about 35 years old and barked at me. He had mad eyes, froth at the mouth - the scene imprinted in my brain. Slowly, trying not to make any sudden movements, I started the truck and drove off slowly. He began to haunt me, as if made angry dog. Needless to say that since then I have never slept in the parking lot. "

"A thousand devils!"

Mysterious and terrible accident on the road, drivers told

"My mother works as a truck driver. This is her story. She drove through Arizona and suddenly saw something that looked like leaves, which the wind carries the road. It puzzled her, because I grew up around the pine trees only - it was in northern Arizona. But looking more closely, she saw that it was true tarantulas - thousands. There were so many that the wheels of the truck slid on their bodies, she had to slow down. At the bus stop she asked her partner to refuel. He was angry, because it was time to rest, but meekly out of the car. And I saw naleplennyh truck wheel spiders. "

tall boy

Mysterious and terrible accident on the road, drivers told

"One day my friend and I went to South Alabama and drove past the old cemetery. Suddenly, from nowhere, from behind us fell in the truck. It was very late, but even during the day at this track it was rare to see the car, so that was scary. I accelerated, but the truck kept right next to the bumper.

I pushed the gas pedal to the floor and have already raced at full speed on a narrow dirt road, and the truck did not depart all. My friend, who knew the area, said that ahead there is a twist, which simply can not fit in the truck.

I spun the wheel to the side and suddenly the trees I saw a very tall guy, nestled hair from head to toe. Before I could cry out: "Did you see this ..." - my friend finished for me, "Hairy Man!" We came off the truck and drove away from there, but the story I can not forget. "

Crime Scene

Mysterious and terrible accident on the road, drivers told

"Once I was driving along a deserted two-lane road. I drove past the town of Amboy - is a small, almost deserted town with a sleeping volcano. Lava on the one hand, salt - other. Once there, they say, there were many sects.

I stopped there and did a photo index, just to prove to my friends that I was there. I returned to the car and drove on up the hill. Reaching the top, I went through the canyon on both sides of the road grew tall grass. Suddenly I saw something on the road far ahead. Approaching closer, I slowed down. I blocked the road red Pontiac Fiera - it was right across the road. Nearby lay a suitcase with clothes scattered, but on the road there were two faces of the body down, man and woman.

It was like a horror movie - no signs of an accident, as if I were on stage. Something was very wrong. A drop of blood. I very carefully drove past the bodies, without leaving the car. When we had gone a good distance, I looked in the rearview mirror and saw that the man and the woman went to her knees, and other people came out of the grass - a few dozen people. I vtopil gas pedal. Sometimes real life is worse than a horror movie. "