Are there any benefits for the body of "harmful" products?

In recent years, the Internet increasingly popularize healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, calling fast food, sodas, sweets and other "sweets" almost deadly poison. But is it really? Let's see whether the "unhealthy" food to be useful for the organism?

Are there any benefits for the body of

Corn chips

Are there any benefits for the body of

Corn chips or nachos are considered not as harmful as the potato, and it has its own reasons. The fact that this product contains a lot of useful substances, for example, vitamins A and E, iron, calcium. However, this is very high-calorie snack, so lean on it is not worth it.

And carefully read the composition of the label. Choose nachos with a minimal amount of additives, trans fats and flavor enhancers.


Are there any benefits for the body of

In the summer especially want something cold and refreshing. And the choice of most people falls, of course, ice cream. But there are those who forbid myself to eat this sweet. It turns out that very reason.

In the ice cream contains vitamins B, C, protein, calcium and other nutrients beneficial to the body. If you eat it in moderation, counting calories at the same time, you do not worry about the dangers to health. Naturally, you need to choose the ice cream with a minimum amount of additives, and even better - to cook it yourself.


Are there any benefits for the body of

Popcorn - is not just an essential attribute of every movie, but also a very healthy snacks. It contains a large amount of fiber, a variety of vitamins and trace elements, the chemical compound is a polyphenol having anti-oxidant properties.

The main harm from the popcorn is not in the very air beans and spices, dyes and flavor enhancer that is added to it. Therefore, if you want to get the most use and pohrustet appetizing delicacy while watching a movie, buy dried corn kernels and cook popcorn themselves.

Instant noodles

Are there any benefits for the body of

Instant noodles is perhaps the most harmful product that adherents of a healthy lifestyle is always bypassed. But if all the noodles are really so dangerous?

It turns out that in order to minimize the damage from the use of pasta, not enough to fill them with plenty of seasoning. That is, it contains MSG and other food additives which may be dangerous for the body.

Dark chocolate

Are there any benefits for the body of

It is an open secret that dark chocolate - one of the best alternatives to chocolate bars, candy and cookies on a diet. Firstly, this product does not contain too much sugar, especially when compared with white or milk chocolate. Second, it has a large amount of fiber and protein. Third, dark chocolate has a fairly full-bodied taste, so to eat the whole pack of goodies will be very difficult.


Are there any benefits for the body of

At marmalade fairly simple structure, no extra ingredients and additives. Necessarily present one of the gelling agents - pectin, gelatin or agar-agar. All of them are useful for the organism since they contain a lot of calcium, sodium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium.

However, despite the fact that the marmalade is considered a dietary dessert, as well as any other sweets, eat it in too large quantities it is not necessary.