The most common mistakes in the Russian language

• The most common mistakes in the Russian language

From the first classes teaching us to assert that the Russian language - the most difficult. It would seem that may be easier than the right to speak in their native dialect? But not so easy as it should be! Day by day we are confronted with errors in speech and writing, which at least force us to correct interlocutor and as a maximum - arouse in us feelings of disgust toward the speaker. In this error, the most basic and eerily ridiculous! And it is about them will be discussed further ...

The most common mistakes in the Russian language

The eternal struggle accents

The emphasis in the Russian language free. This means that there is any particular syllable that accent stands out in all the words. It is for this reason that it continually strive to rearrange and change. The most ridiculous, but frequent incorrect pronunciation forms can be attributed just a few words:


The most common mistakes in the Russian language

Time goes by, and the error in that word disappear. Remember, in this case the emphasis is not on the first syllable. That's right - only to call, call, call, etc...

Catalog and the contract. As soon as these words do not distort. But the true position of the focus is only one - the last syllable. Remember easily, "lest the dispute, sign the contract."

Latte. In order not to be trapped in the company of friends and pronounce the word correctly, remember that under the accent in the title of this wonderful drink first vowel - Latte. Cakes and bows

The most common mistakes in the Russian language

Each one had to deal with the pronunciation of these words. And they truly were announced? Remember, no cake and no Bantu. The emphasis is always on the first syllable. You can check the diminutive form: cakes and bows.

Blinds The word is of French origin. In this language, the accent stable - on the last syllable. Therefore, only shutters.

But the cheese, at the same time, support and shell are a group of words with a dual emphasis. Both forms of pronunciations in this case correct. The same is true of the "bartender". Linguists can not come to a consensus on how to put the right emphasis in this word.

Verbs ghost or words that do not exist in the language

If mangling words and change them accents still somehow come to terms possible, verbs ghost philologists cause serious resentment! Non-existent word so often used in the speech that many people seem to be perfectly normal and correct. These ghostly word forms are:

I am confident of victory and (right - will win and be able to convince). Caused by errors in the form of words the lack of education in the future tense verbs. Unfortunately, to use the word forms in a shorter form can not.

will have to come and (right - come and go). The verb to go at all is a lot of doubt. And most of them are caused by the appearance of a "J" in the initial form. This letter begins to seem everywhere, and that becomes the cause of making mistakes. In this case, it is worth remembering that the "J" is found only in the infinitive word. He walked Chess Piece (right - went / did move)

The most common mistakes in the Russian language

It is used the wrong verb "like" with board games both adults and children. The values ​​he has quite different: to be like someone else (a daughter like her mother) or move any time (it was like the room and left). Therefore, use it on the progress in the game you can not.

to lay down (right - put). In this case, everything is simple - this verb does not exist. This is not an old form, not foreign words. It's just the wrong verb.

Plant the guys at the table (right - plant). Despite the fact that the verb "plant" still exists in some dictionaries (which you've marked "obsolete"), its use in the speech of cultured and educated people is unacceptable. Replacing him is the word "plant" (whatever that / whom).

This is only the most common errors that occur on a daily basis. This, along with verbs used and the ghosts of nominal parts of speech! That only cost: the expression of theirs, syudoy / tudoy, ​​grapefruit, and not only ...

The errors do everything ...

You should not complain about themselves or others for the mistakes in the pronunciation of words. After all, they can prevent absolutely everyone. Even eminent philologists and linguists in a hurry may say the wrong word form and not drawn to this fact due attention to ... Mistakes in speech and writing - a characteristic feature of Catherine II. Instead of "more" she wrote, "ischo". But the Empress had a weighty justification - German origin. Speak properly and the stars of Russian show business. So Arina Sharapova (in the "Time") has made a reservation and spoke to climb (the plane) instead of raise. And Lera Kudryavtseva once said that all wearing shoe (right - wearing). I misused the word and Vladimir Zhirinovsky. During its busiest monologues policies often makes mistakes.

Russian language is constantly evolving and improving. It is possible that once expired today, an error will be the norm. After all, even the kind of word "coffee" has expanded. And along with the primary male is provided and the average (so far as a spoken). Therefore explode from heard "Call" is not worth it. It is necessary to specify easily the other party to make a mistake and do not stop improving his speech!