Why in the Soviet Army canceled the "death medallions"

• Why in the Soviet Army canceled the "death medallions"

Why in the Soviet Army canceled the

Identification medallion military man, often called mortal medallion or simply "suicide", was inducted into the Order of the Revolutionary Military Council of the Red Army in 1925 and was designed to hold all of the necessary information for the identification of a fighter of his personality in the event of injury or death. However, for the search teams, leading excavations at the site of battles of the Great Patriotic War, death medallions - find infrequent. And for good reason.

What was the death medallion

Initially soldier death medallion in the Red Army was introduced, by analogy with "amulet", the short-lived in 1917 in the Tsarist army before the revolution, and comprises a suspended rectangular box of galvanized steel measuring 50 * 33 * 4 mm, which is embedded in the parchment paper with the full name, address, military rank, blood group and other necessary personal data, except for the name of the military unit, to indicate that it was forbidden in the medallion. Then, during the Great Patriotic War "amulet" was replaced by the whirling textolite, ebonite, and sometimes cylindrical plastic pencil case, in which a piece of personal data is embedded in the two copies. In the case of the death of a soldier one copy is transmitted to the office, and the other remained with the body of the deceased after the funeral and went to his family.

Why mortal medallion out of use

In practice, this method of storage of personal information, such as the wearing of identity discs, largely has not justified itself. In the absence of parchment soldiers often leave their data on plain paper or on a piece of paper, and besides, the medallion was not sufficiently tight and not zharostoek, so that the insert can be easily damaged. In addition, soldiers are often considered wearing mortal medallion bad luck and either themselves thrown it, or used for other purposes: adapted the case for the storage of needles and other small household items, remade into the mouthpiece, etc. And the identity disc in November 1942, and.. officially abolished altogether, replacing it with a book of the Red Army, after which he was wearing could be initiated exclusively by military personnel at his own request.

The self-made analogues mortal medallion

As a self-made mortal medallions Soviet Army soldiers used cartridge casings from the rifle Mosin. From bullets to spill powder, was placed inside the liner note all personal data, then plugging the hole upside down by a bullet. There were used as cupboards of lacquered wood, which were made by the soldiers or handicraft cooperative. Also, the Red Army soldiers were often signed their names the various elements of munitions and equipment, so that many bodies are recognized by search engines so far. So personal names found on the kettles, mugs, belts, and more often on aluminum spoons, who hid behind his boot or his belt. However, the full name of the men signed their stuff is not always because they do not always have the aim of identifying a possible posthumous, and often did so for the sake of simple domestic use to things not lost and confused. Reliable way to identify those killed in the Great Patriotic War are still preserved suitable for reading soldiers' books, membership cards, certificates and other personal identification paper, occasionally also in the medals, for which the number can be used to establish the identity of the award.