Why Canadians give birth to others free

• Why Canadians give birth to others for free

In recent years, Canada has become a popular destination for parents who are looking for the so-called surrogate mothers - volunteers. It is women who give birth to others, not asking for any money for it. They pay only the costs associated with pregnancy. So why do Canadians become free surrogate mothers?

Why Canadians give birth to others free Why Canadians give birth to others free

Marissa Muzell gave birth girl 16 hours. During pregnancy, she constantly suffered from toxemia and was twice hospitalized. A few months her daily injections of hormones, and before that she has gone through four times unsuccessful embryo transfer. All this woman has done for the sake of someone else's child.

Marissa 32 years old, she is a surrogate mother in Canada, along with hundreds of other women who give birth to children free of charge to other people.

"I've just started a family ... someone else's family," - laughing Marissa, still moving away from giving birth in a hospital ward. Child transferred to parents - same-sex couple from Spain.

Now the world has seen a steady increase in demand for surrogacy. In Canada, over the last decade it has increased by 400 percent. Surrogacy here carries altruistic. Simply put, women bear children, do not get paid for it.

By the way, Canada - not the only country with such an approach. In the UK, it is also considered the norm, but the legislation of most Canadian provinces facilitates the prospective parents to obtain parental rights of the surrogate child. Furthermore, Canada, unlike other countries, gives the opportunity to same-sex couples and single people.

Why Canadians give birth to others free

Altruistic surrogacy is more acceptable for many in terms of ethics. And besides, also available in comparison with the countries where such service fee.

"I know that American women pay thousands of dollars for the surrogacy. But in Canada, we do not do that "- says Marissa.

Here surrogate mothers only reimburse expenses for pregnancy vitamins, clothing, food, travel costs to see a doctor, as well as reimburse salary, if for medical reasons a woman goes out to work. To get a refund, the woman must submit all receipts.

"This is not a source of income, we are not machines for the production of children. it is something more for me. This did not work, and the desire to do good, "- said Marissa.

Canadian surrogate mothers to bear children conceived only with the help of a foreign ovum. According to media estimates, the country is now about 900 surrogate mothers, but official statistics do not exist.

Why Canadians give birth to others free

"When 11 years ago I founded the company, we were born 8 children per year. And now the last month alone we have 30 kids were born "- said Leia Svanberg, the founder of the Canadian Fertility Consultancy, one of the largest agencies of surrogacy in the country.

To become a surrogate mother, a woman must necessarily undergo a medical and psychological examination. Also, it should have at least one child. Svanberg speaks to women and helps them find prospective parents around the world.

Why Canadians give birth to others free

"It's like online dating, - says the surrogate mother Janet Habrik, which is now pregnant with a girl. - You must complete your profile, and then get the profiles of prospective parents. It is always very difficult. Couples much more than surrogate mothers, so I feel a great responsibility. How to choose? Just when you feel the first contact connection. "

First surrogate baby Janet gave birth last year to a French couple. And four months later I became pregnant again.

"I already thought to give birth to two children, brothers or sisters to those I have already given birth. Like pregnancy, and my body is recovering well, so why not? I'll do it as long as the body allows. "

Like Janet, many women are surrogate mothers several times. Some even keep in touch with their families, which they helped to create.

"Initially, the couple were strangers, then they became my friends, in the end we are family - Janet explains. - They are relatives of my children, and I will participate in the life of their child. "

These women say that surrogacy - an experience that changes lives, and so they are willing to give their time and expose the body at risk.

"I can not imagine my life without children - Janet says. - I tied fallopian tubes, their children more than I could have, but I like the knowledge that I can give a child to those who can not make it myself. "

Why Canadians give birth to others free

But the road to surrogacy can be a long and difficult. Are unsuccessful IVF and embryo transfer, as well as miscarriages.

"I am very much hurt during pregnancy, but my husband took care of me. He supported me very much like my own children, "- said Janet.

"And in my case, the bride gave me a lot of trouble. He did not understand why I do it "- shared Marissa.

Marissa comes from a small town, and she had to meet with the critically-minded neighbors.

"They said:" How could you leave your child? Why would you sacrifice their family life for the child that you bring home? "So, if you want to become a surrogate mother, you should be able to defend their point of view. It's your body and your choice. "

Criticism of surrogate motherhood - not uncommon. For example, in feminism often it is considered as exploitation of the female body. Katy Fulfer from the University of Waterloo has conducted a study of surrogacy and argues that, at least in Canada, it is not paid, it does not mean that the operation does not exist.

"I think it is appropriate to compare the surrogate motherhood and prostitution. Indeed, in both cases it is the sale of services related to the body. The fact that women do not pay - the problem. All participants in the chain pay, so why mothers do not get the money? "

The altruistic surrogacy model in Canada for women only reimburse the costs of pregnancy, but the pay service agencies, doctors, lawyers, and clinics that deal with reproductive medicine. As a result, it becomes quite a costly exercise that can cost prospective parents for more than 50 thousand dollars.

Why Canadians give birth to others free

This area is strictly regulated. The owner of the agency Leia Svanberg was the only woman accused of violating pens concerning surrogacy. She pleaded guilty to that track all receipts of compensation paid to surrogate mothers, and was fined.

Now try to change the law. Due to the fact that the payment for surrogacy is prohibited, even sending flowers mother could face potential criminal responsibility of parents. Violation may result in a fine of $ 378,000 or 10 years imprisonment.

"To be honest, it would be nice if the rules were not so strict and did not have to collect the checks, but it is not a problem. We're here not for money, - says Janet. - I am very proud that I can wear this baby. Think of surrogate mothers as a nanny. In the end, the child returns home to his parents. "