Advanced technologies used by people in the past

Today, everyone likes to think of himself as a "crown of progress," and count the people in the past, someone like savages, who traveled on horseback, and shied away from any hint of the technology, including their witchcraft. In fact, many of the technologies, which according to modern humans simply could not exist in the past, not as modern as everyone thinks. Although they may seem primitive, they were quite efficient and carry out their functions without the need for any electronics, and generally do not use electricity.

Advanced technologies used by people in the past

1. "Baghdad Battery", found in the ruins of ancient Iraq

Advanced technologies used by people in the past

"Baghdad Battery" was found in the ruins of what was once the ancient Iraq, and today is one of the favorite subjects of the dispute in the world of archeology. Finding was a ceramic vessel with a copper tube and the iron rod. Despite the experiences of independent experts (the same as "Mythbusters"), who proved that if you pour into the vessel electrolytic solution, it will be a real battery, some archaeologists still insist that the vessel probably kept the scrolls.

If it really was a battery, the main question is why it was used. It has been suggested that it was used for gold plating of other metals, but experts say it is not so. Due to a complete lack of any evidence, which could be used "battery", it was suggested that it was intended for something like electrotherapy or other medical purposes.

2. Air

One of the greatest technological achievements of the last decades is the air conditioning. He is considered a modern invention, and harmful to the environment. Today, many do not even realize how you can live without air conditioning and with horror think of a time when people had to "survive" without them. The truth is that in many past cultures had their own conditioning techniques that worked pretty well.

Advanced technologies used by people in the past

For example, the Romans passed water from the famous aqueduct system through the pipes in their homes, and enjoyed the house cool all year round. Many buildings in the hottest areas of the Middle East has long been building in the shape of a spiral, to catch the wind, cooling them and other cultures used the natural coolness of the underground and created a home or even whole cities, some of which are underground. Invented other contrivances to which today hardly anyone guessed. It may seem strange that the people in the desert, cover themselves in clothes, like cabbage, but there is good reason for this. It has been proven that such a baggy garments from a scientific point of view creates the cooling effect, as it fully covers the whole body (and not adhering tightly thereto) and does not pass the hot air outside.

3. Balloons are used for messaging in ancient China

Today balloons still has its fans, who love to soar in the sky "like a bird", not in a steel box planes, and "feeling the wind on your face." Of course, it's pretty scary, but if you have the proper training, experience and understanding of the weather conditions, this walk can be safe and fun. In addition, accidents with balloons are very rare.

Advanced technologies used by people in the past

A long time ago in ancient China, people used small balloons are designed not for the transport of persons or goods, and to send messages. By sending in the sky mini-balloons, a kind of burning, "sky lanterns", could give another signal that we need help, or give military orders. As is the case with the invention of gunpowder, the balloons were initially just a gimmick, then do they come up with quite a utilitarian purpose.

4. Ancestors "refrigerators"

Refrigerators and accompanying freezer, according to the majority, are one of the most modern inventions, but the people never want their food spoiled, so for thousands of years have come up with a lot of different tricks. While today we use a lot of electricity for the production of which is usually used materials such as coal, and also still need chemicals such as Freon, which are very harmful to the environment, methods have been used a lot easier. Romans built underground freezers, bringing snow mountains, placing it in a cellar, and then applying a further layer of earth on top. In this they can safely store food underground chamber.

Those who do not have access to such sophisticated methods (ie. E. The majority of people) simply used the fact that the cold air is much denser than hot. Or, as they say, "hot air rises and cold sinks". This means that the deeper underground, and the better to isolate this area, the colder it will be. Naturally, most of people are not able to maintain a constant temperature in the freezing chamber, but most of them at least, able to maintain a temperature close to the constant temperature in a refrigerator.

5. The first firearm

The firearm is now considered the most deadly - with the help of constantly committed massacres, and there are constant debates whether to ban gun ownership and stop the constant build-up of military forces around the world. Most people believe that the firearms developed the last couple of hundred years or so, but in fact it has since just beginning to actively use, and there before.

Advanced technologies used by people in the past

However, the fact is that a firearm was used in the battle long before the field fighting filled arrows with muskets. There are European medieval paintings depicting soldiers with rifles (although it is known that Europeans do not use them often). On the other hand, the Japanese in the medieval period, from the mid 1500s to the 1600s, created a lot of guns, we are actively using them in battles and take into account when developing their military strategies. Today, guns, of course, is much more powerful than before, but firearms has been used for centuries.

6. Devices such Antikythera Mechanism

Today, people like to think that in mathematics they far exceeded the ancient man, but in fact they are not very far removed from its predecessors. The device, called the Antikythera mechanism was found in the wreckage of a shipwreck off the coast of the Greek island of Antikythera in the early 1900s. It literally changed the opinion of scientists of the ancient world. The device 37 is made of metal mesh and various toothed gears, and its principle of operation incredibly complicated.

Advanced technologies used by people in the past

In fact, the Antikythera mechanism was designed as an analog computer that could predict the movements of the stars, irregular phases of the moon and other astronomical calculations for decades to come with incredible accuracy. Explore its historians believe that the device was probably developed by a team of Greek scientists, somewhere in the 100-200 g BC. e. Although today some people may find this device a rather primitive compared to today, we should not forget that it does not use electricity and has no screen to show results, and in addition, it may well expect the movement of stars, requiring complex mathematical calculations and analysis.

7. The Telegraph - Internet yore

Telegraph recently completely ceased to exist, and many people were saddened by the end of the old era of communication. Nevertheless, although from the telegraph was abandoned in favor of other technologies, it was hardly the primitive and provided opportunities for dialogue, which most people tend to think modern. Telegraph was cheap, easy to use and allows people to quickly send messages without the need for a phone call. In fact, it was a combination of messenger and SMS messages today, and people have used it everywhere.

Advanced technologies used by people in the past

In the telegraph had its own version of the chat, which was very similar to our present and even people each shared something topical memes via telegrams. Though the Telegraph is slowly losing popularity as the emergence of other technologies that have emerged in the years that followed, he was able to connect people so that as the Internet today.

8. The ancient cultures was surprisingly sophisticated GPS equipment

Today, all take for granted GPS technology, for which use is not necessary to "dancing with a tambourine," and simply say to smartphone where you want to reach. Of course, the ancient culture had anything like this, but they were surprisingly sophisticated devices for navigation.

Advanced technologies used by people in the past

Of course, it did not exist before the satellites, which could be relied upon, and people have been guided by the location of stars. However, a knowledge of all the stars and their position, understanding of ocean currents and the rest was not enough. Sometimes needed instruments such as the sextant, invented by John Hadley (there is reason to believe that Headley was influenced by recent works by Isaac Newton). This device has helped to measure the angle between the horizon and stars, and anyone possessing adequate knowledge astronomical might use it for a very efficient navigation. Therefore, centuries before the invention of computers and satellites that people can navigate the space.

9. Condoms and pregnancy tests 1000-year-old

Birth control, pregnancy tests accurate ... it seems that it is the convenience of modern humans invented recently. Few people know that people in the past as it is to have access to these technologies. It is known that almost every culture used various methods for determining the pregnancy, including urinalysis in one form or another, to determine if it differs from the urine of a woman who is pregnant.

As for condoms, in the Middle Ages in Europe, used condoms, completely covering the manhood, which was made from animal intestines. In China and Japan used condoms covering only the head, and they were actually quite popular among the elite who could afford them.

10. Kevlar: all new - it is well forgotten old

Usually they consider all that people in ancient times used leather and metal armor, until he realized that it is not particularly effective. In the end, people have invented Kevlar, which provides much greater protection. However, the truth is that the Kevlar is not any special technological progress. It's just a lot of fiber, very dense layers of cross-linked, which provides greater resistance to any bullets or shrapnel.

The ancient Greeks used similar technology to find that it provides better protection from arrows, than many other methods. Historians have tried to play a special type of cloth armor (linothorax) worn by Alexander the Great and his soldiers. Its made by compressing multiple layers of fabric, like Kevlar. They almost did not find differences with modern technology.