The qualities that most men look for in a woman

It would be nice to have a magic crystal ball to see what is really going on in a man's head? I, in principle, would not be against it, but on the other hand, is a little too simple.

The qualities that most men look for in a woman

So what do men really looking for in a woman? I'm talking about real men, adults, it is formed in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. I decided that I should hear the answer from them, and asked ten men of the most important qualities they look for in a woman. Then I gathered the most common answers, and that's what get the picture.

She cares about her appearance

Men - creatures with visual memory primary development, so if imnravitsya what they see, they'll just chase you. However, every man with his personal tastes when it comes to female attractiveness. Those with whom I spoke, did not believe that a woman must meet certain standards with a perfect figure on the model of an hourglass, or be ridiculously sexy, so it can be seen as a candidate for the wife or girlfriend.

They want a woman who looks after himself, that is, care about their appearance, dress well, takes care of his body and has a high self-esteem.

It has developed a sense of humor

They do not want to be next to a woman, if it is too dry, boring and bound. Rather, they want to feel comfortable, seeing that she appreciates their irony and ability to joke. Spending time with a person with a good sense of humor, always a pleasure, and the pleasure of opportunities to laugh together - a strong tool that never gets old. Man looking for a woman who will laugh at his best jokes, and she knows how to joke.

It has its own life

Men are attracted to those women who have their own interests, personal life and friends. They do not want to be with a woman who constantly feels that her life revolves around him, wants to spend with him all the time and does not allow him to breathe freely.

These men are looking for a woman who inspires them, because it is able to build their lives on their own. They need a friend, which has its own purpose, and it is not to be with someone.

She likes sex

They want "lady in public and a whore in bed." It's true. Men need the ideal sexual partner, ready to do unexpected things in bed and try new games. And men appreciate women who tell them directly what they want in bed. For men it is very important to know that he has a woman who really likes sex, and especially with him! Confidence men themselves, when it comes to bed - the key to lasting love affair.

It is ambitious

Men want to feel like winners in this world, so they need a woman, ambitious in achieving their goals. They are looking for a woman with whom you can conquer the world together. A woman who knows what she wants, and is able to achieve this with your own hands, especially attractive to men.

She is able to express their opinion

We should not expect that man will know what you want or to guess what you're thinking. Men need a direct and simple communication. The only way you will get everything you want, and much faster. Men like it when a woman tells him what she wants, and how it is best to do it. After all, in essence, its purpose is to make you happy. And when he has information on how to achieve this, it feels much more confident.

It is usually in a good mood

All men eventually want to be with a woman who behaves in such a way that they feel happy. They tend to run a positive and negative energy. No one likes to meet with poisonous or cynical people. Men want to spend time with a woman having fun and exciting. Therefore, women mood is extremely important. When you feel good, your side a good friend. And when you come from you are constantly negative vibrations - do not be surprised, this man feels and leave. Ideally, it should be with you quickly and easily.

She developed intellectually

Woman's appearance - this is what initially attracted to men, but it is impossible to build real long-term relationships based solely on this. The ability to give him an excuse to show their intelligence and ability to lead discussion on important issues - that's what helps keep a man for a long time.

She has a value of

Men want a woman, caring and loving, trustworthy, kind and loyal. This woman who radiates warmth heart, and men want to be with her.

She appreciates and respects its

Men simply crave to be valued and feel gratitude towards them. Each of them wants to feel chosen. The woman of his life believes he is the best of all. He wants you to respect him for who he is. In other words, men are looking for a woman who will treat them with sincere respect and admiration.

She is confident in themselves and in their abilities

Only a woman who loves herself, despite its shortcomings, is able to love a man with all his flaws. Men have said many times to me that any woman, confident, there is something sexual that has nothing to do with looks.

Confidence - this is a special feature that makes a woman truly irresistible. If she believes in herself, she can turn any difficult situation into another opportunity to shine, and that men love most.

Well, now you know everything!

Needless to say, every man has his own list of qualities he is looking for in a woman, but instincts tell that I was able to see the main things that will agree to almost any man.