Training an American soldier on leave

• Training of an American soldier on leave

In professional military training exercise program to concentrate on speed dial forces and maintaining good physical shape. There is no vector for transformation into pitching - in the army is more important than endurance. Separate training in the US Army set up to soldier on leave or vacation. A set of exercises designed for use at home and keeping fit.

Training an American soldier on leave

First Set

This set is on power - which is why he tops the list. Each of the three mentioned loads of exercise, one way or another, all the muscles of the body. It is important to remember that a break between sets should not exceed 5-10 seconds. So:

- conventional strap (2 minutes)

- 50 push-ups from the usual rack - 50 sit-ups.

Training an American soldier on leave

The second set

The next approach is dedicated to cardio training. This load, especially after physics, will help your body easier to adjust to changes in the conditions of training, and in the unpleasant situation will allow your muscles to react quickly and dramatically. Cardio may be different, but we recommend that you put the timer for at least two minutes and devote this time to Burpee.

The third set

The third and last round, set entirely given to the development of leg muscles. Make

- 20 sit-ups, hands folded on his chest

- 30Calves (raising on tiptoe, trainees caviar)

- without a break, do the first set.

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