Celebrities from wealthy families, whose career failed

• Celebrities from wealthy families, whose career failed

Decl, Timati, Alsou - we know many examples when the children of wealthy families justify the investment in yourself means parents and grew up in independent artists. But there are sad cases where a lack of talent could not make up any communication in the history of show business, no money.


The daughter of Ukrainian businessman Alexander CHVIKOVA

Celebrities from wealthy families, whose career failed

In 16 years, Sasha came on the fourth "American Idol" - a young and touching CHVIKOVA Alexander appeared in the fourth season of the project and immediately became the idol of teenage girls. Soft toys, velor tracksuits and romantic love songs - in this way the girl won the heart of the novice rapper Timati. Were these relations ideas of producers or bright youthful sense - is unknown. What we do know is the fact that the "manufacturers" and even went their separate ways shortly after the completion of the project, but remained on good terms. we have not heard anything for a long time after the completion of the show about the heiress. However, and now she recalls his occasional posts on Instagram. For 12 years the singer a lot of time to change the image, turned to plastic surgery - and now from the tender prude Alexa little left.

Lena Zosimova

Daughter of the former Chairman of the Board of Directors and the President of MTV Russia Universal Music

Celebrities from wealthy families, whose career failed

What are your chances of becoming a pop princess, if you have a pretty daughter of the founder of "the MTV Russia" Boris Zosimova? It turns out, it is not so high when the vocals are poor. But Lena at least tried to. Creative ambitions Lena prevented the crisis of 1998, when there was no money just on the next album. Now the 40-year-old Zosimova - housewife and mother of two sons.

Rodion Gazmanov

The son of a musician Oleg Gazmanov

Celebrities from wealthy families, whose career failed

The year before, Rodion suddenly appeared on the stage show "The Voice". To the young man who has experienced a high point in his childhood with the song "Lucy", turned two mentor - Basta and Grigory Leps. Members of the jury praised the actor for a good performance, but the audience had an opinion on this subject: "I think it's a shame for Gazmanov family", "Sang tedious, willfully. I do not know why it turned to, "" Well, obscenities same. Voice is not bad, but not for this show, "- commented on the number of viewers the show (Spelling and punctuation copyrights - Ed...).

Stesha Malikova and YurKiss

Daughter of musician Dmitry Malikov and son of businessman and producer Vladimir Kiselyov

Celebrities from wealthy families, whose career failed

At the end of 2015 in Moscow the 20 nd prize "Russian radio" - "Golden Gramophone". Usually held gramophone accrue to artists, but this time the reward all of a sudden got a duo of 16-year-old (at the time) Stephanie Malikova and 17-year-old Yuri Kiselev, known under the pseudonym YurKiss. Winning young musicians brought the song "Do not rush us to marry." The audience felt it unfair that the song is not seen in any of the charts and on the radio station, has been awarded. Furthermore, the composition is clearly not up to the level of the premium and more like a children's song than the modern hits. Number of young people also reminded speech at a school skit, and not show the level of the "Olympic". Critics also noted that the performance Stesha and Yuri was feigned, besides young talents singing to the sound recording, and sometimes did not get in a word.

It is interesting that the skeptics agree with the opinion of himself, Dmitry Malikov, star Stesha father. "I'm not really looking forward to her music career," - he confessed to the singer told the radio station "Rain".