Life hacking for everyday life

Life hacking for everyday life

Great tips and tricks that will simplify everyday life.

Every day we are confronted with everyday minutiae that bring a lot of trouble. It is difficult to cope with them, and mood of this falls is incredible. But do not be upset. We collected 15 receptions for everyday life, of which only a few know.

: 1. Adjust the form size

Life hacking for everyday life

Reduce the size of the form. | Photo: News in photos.

If the available baking dish a little more than expected meal, you can reduce it by a conventional foil for baking.

2. Protective Case

Life hacking for everyday life

Protection against germs. | Photo: Reddit.

Wrap the console in a clean plastic bag, if you're staying in the hotel and in doubt the purity of the subject.

Note: The University of Houston scientists found that the TV remote in hotels dirtier than a toilet bowl rim. During the research, more than a million harmful bacteria were found in samples taken from the consoles.

3. Sites with laces

Life hacking for everyday life

The nodes on the ropes and laces. | Photo: Fashionable lady.

If you find yourself on the laces of his sneakers enough tightened knots untie their help ordinary invisible. The same tool can be used to untie the knots on the rope or cords to untangle.

4. Fixing hooks

Life hacking for everyday life

Fixing hooks for frames. | Photo: Samodelkino. Info.

If you have a frame with broken fastening hooks, not rush to get rid of them. Replace such an important piece of wall frames can be successfully keys of cans.

5. Alternative plug

Life hacking for everyday life

Instead of a wine cork. | Photo: Samodelkino. Info. Lost wine cork can be replaced by cutting the "finger" of a normal household gloves.

6. Analysis kits

Life hacking for everyday life

An audit kit. | Photo: Fashionable lady.

Medicines in the boxes take up a lot of space, creating a sense of chaos in the closet. Instead of storing a bunch of unnecessary packaging, recommends that you keep the blisters with pills and instructions to the Zip-packages.

7. Play Center

Life hacking for everyday life

The gaming city in five minutes. | Photo: AdMe.

It should be on time to take the child, and you do not have any new toys for him? Be creative. Using conventional masking tape or colored adhesive tape, you can set up on the floor and the walls of a city with houses and marking.

8. Preparations for the interchange of

Life hacking for everyday life

Layout reshuffle. | Photo: Trollno.

Before you proceed to the interchange, create a detailed plan of your room and furniture to paper. So you can most accurately assess the situation and determine how much space is left.

9. The entry limiter

Life hacking for everyday life

A tennis ball in the garage. | Photo: Pinterest.

If you happen to incidents related to entry into the garage attached to the ceiling tennis ball exactly where it should be the windshield of your car. Referring to the ball at the next entrance, you'll know it's time to stop.

10. Carpet Cleaning

Life hacking for everyday life

cleaning wool carpet. | Photo: Hotsta.

All pet owners know how difficult it is to collect hair from the pets of carpets and upholstery. Make the process of cleaning surfaces such as efficient as possible to help ordinary scraper windows.

11. Storage boots

Life hacking for everyday life

To the boots do not lose form. | Photo: Picdeer.

High boots to not lose form and do not deform, recommends placing inside each of them in half Aquasticks.

12. Getting out of the mud

Life hacking for everyday life

selected on the car from the mud. | Photo: DriveNN.

If your vehicle's wheels hit the mud trap, get out you will help small plaque attached to the wheels.

13. Stir the ketchup

Life hacking for everyday life

Uniform squeezing ketchup. | Photo: True. RU

To the ketchup out of the bottle and sprayed evenly, gently stir it with an ordinary straw.

14. Cleaning purse

Life hacking for everyday life

To collect debris from her purse. | Photo:

If a long time do not get out of the purse, she turns into a trash bin. Perform fast and efficient cleaning it helps sticky roller for clothes. Checked, stick to it perfectly paper, hair, coins and other small debris.

15. Divorces windows

Life hacking for everyday life

Secret Window washing. | Photo: Picdeer.

Wash the windows - no easy task! Even more difficult to wash them without divorce. If you have not mastered the art of allowing a well to wash the windows on the first try, we hasten to share with you a secret that will make it easy to determine which side of divorce. To do this, wash the inside of the windows vertical movements, and external - horizontal.