Why aircraft passengers bought tomato juice more often than others

• Why aircraft passengers bought tomato juice are more likely to

Taste that we feel when we eat, in fact, it is a symbiosis of taste and smell, and they are changing at a height. On average the sensitivity of taste buds blunted by 30%. Especially reduced perception of salty and sweet. And there is a scientific explanation.

Why aircraft passengers bought tomato juice more often than others

As the aircraft behind the atmospheric pressure falls, but inside it is supported by a special air-conditioning system, a safe and recreated the familiar pressure for us. But when the air conditioning too dry, which affects the mucous membranes of the nose and throat, causing an unpleasant sensation, pain, inflammation - both during a cold. Therefore, the sense of smell suffers. Help it is possible to artificially moisten nasal passages sprays and liquid consuming.

A large content of the tomato juice, dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and organic acids helps quench their thirst and hunger. Therefore, if you do not abuse the addition of salt, with a thirst tomato juice copes perfectly. Its saturation with dry substances and the volume fraction of the pulp allows enough. But sweeter than the drink, the less likely you they get drunk. In 2008, Lufthansa has found that its passengers drink 1, 7 million liters of tomato juice a year, and ordered a scientific study on the subject. Scientists at the German Institute for Building Physics Fraunhofer recreate the conditions of the flight in the aircraft and found that, in addition to pressure on change in taste affect another factor - the sound. With the high level of noise is enhanced sense of umami - the so-called fifth taste, the taste of glutamic acid, the balance of sweet and salty. Tomato juice just for products with taste umami.

So that the plane actually often drink tomato juice, including those who did not consume it on the ground. And in the American United Airlines Twitter posts even appeared passengers in May 2018, dissatisfied with the fact that the airline was removed from the menu of tomato juice. The indignation was so great that the drink have decided to return.