Scandalous royals

For that Princess Spain has come under judgment? What does the illegitimate daughter of the Prince of Monaco? And why Elizabeth II avoided their "intolerable" little sister? In our list - 9 members of the royal families of Europe, whose names are related scandals.

Scandalous royals

Prince Harry

34 years old, United Kingdom Queen Elizabeth II's grandson

Scandalous royals

Harry was the second child of Prince Charles and the late Diana, finishing third in line to the royal throne. Usually youngest behave calmly in the royal family - the renunciation they are not threatened. Harry and not strained. In school, he cheated, often drank and smoked marijuana, had fought in his youth with the paparazzi, and in 2005 came to the masquerade costume Nazi officer, for which he was sent by his father to clean the pigsties at one of the royal farms. In 2006, Prince tabloids published photos from the night club with a cute blonde who Harry hugged his chest. Prince hung out, play tricks on many hours of partying, and in August 2012 with friends to play a game of billiards in the hotel on the strip in Las Vegas. Press and subjects branded ginger bully "black sheep", but as the years passed, Harry continued to vandalize, and at the same time - to show prowess in the army and promote charitable projects of their dead mother. Determined to settle down, the prince again proved rebellious in nature. Where have you seen a member of the royal family met with a divorced American actress, Catholic, metiski which is older than him for three years? Queen Elizabeth II, as expected, reacted to the choice of his grandson without enthusiasm. But Harry was not used to the frustration grandmother. It managed to get the family and a blessing, and win the love of the British, and find true love, going contrary to the rules.

Edward VIII of

1894-1972, British Queen Elizabeth II's uncle

Scandalous royals

Prince Harry - is not the only rebel British royal family. His great-grandfather, King Edward VIII of, in 1936, abdicated for the sake of marrying the twice-divorced American Wallis Simpson, which has also had contacts with a married man and an Irish duke. At the time of the announcement of the engagement Wallis has designed the divorce from her second husband. The scandal King commented: "I found it impossible to perform the duties of a king without the help and support of the woman I love."

After the abdication of Edward received the title of Duke of Windsor, was the governor of the Bahamas and the rest of his life with his wife lived in France. Children the couple had not.

Princess Margaret

1930-2002, the younger sister of British Queen Elizabeth II

Scandalous royals

The British monarch is rich in family bullies - and not just men. Margaret, the younger sister of the ruling Elizabeth II, the dubbed rebellious princess. Remember the recent film "A Royal Night Out", where the successor to escape from the palace to celebrate the victory? Margaret inciting older sister off the guards, drunk and lost in the depths of the dangerous area ... Fantasia director has a lot to do with reality. Margot hanging out, listening to rock 'n' roll, he drank brotherhood with cheeky musicians, smoked like a chimney and - was incredible beauty. She loved fashion and shows, a friend of Christian Dior, happily posed for the covers. Her adored Britain, but does not own family. Royal relatives finished off a romantic choice, Margaret. In 1953, 22-year-old princess began to meet with Air Force captain Peter Townsend, who served at the court of the chief equerry and taught Margaret riding. Townsend was 16 years older, divorced, has two children. Princess forbidden to think about marriage, and "groom" was sent for military service abroad. The pair lasted three years and took part under the pressure of the solution. In 1960, Margaret married photographer with aristocratic roots Antony Armstrong-Jones, by whom she had a son and a daughter. The marriage did not bring happiness. Princess continued to hang out, to change lovers, coffins health ... In 1978, the couple divorced. Margaret is no longer wound up serious novels, lived alone and died in 2002 from a stroke.

Prince Andrew

59 years old, the son of Queen Elizabeth II

Scandalous royals

Andrew - the third child of Elizabeth II. In 1986, he married Sarah Ferguson, a specialist in public relations (their children - Princess Beatrice and Eugene). 10 years later, the couple divorced, and in summer 2016 it became known about the Prince and Demi Moore's novel! Elizabeth could not stand his ex-wife's son, and rumors of a romance with Andrew a large Hollywood actress even more brought the Queen of himself. Prince did not show character.

Juan Carlos I

81 years old, a former King of Spain

Scandalous royals

In 2014, His Majesty Juan Carlos abdicated in favor of his son, Prince Felipe. Nearly forty years of the reign of Juan Carlos remembered the scandalous decree of the king. In June 2005, despite protests from the Roman Catholic Church, he legalized same-sex marriages throughout Spain.

Princess Christina

53 years old, the daughter of the former King of Spain Juan Carlos I

Scandalous royals

But the Spanish princess was implicated in the scandal is more serious than a misalliance or shindig. Since 2012, Christina was under suspicion of fraud case. In 2016, court accused Cristina of financial fraud in partnership with her husband, Iñaki Urdangarin handball player Inaki. Its sporty Noos Institute Foundation for personal benefit is inflated contracts with the administrations of the Spanish cities on the organization of events. The volume of stolen public funds amounted to nearly 6 million euros. Christina was a member of the Foundation Board of Directors, but claimed he had no idea about the crimes of her husband. In 2017, the princess fell short, and her husband was sentenced to six years in prison. His partner Diego Torres received 8 years.

Princess Stephanie

54 years old, the youngest daughter of Prince Rainier III of Monaco and Grace Kelly

Scandalous royals

When the star Grace Kelly, Hollywood, when he was the princess of Monaco, wanted to go back to the movie, there was a scandal. But the actress gave the talent and desire for the stage of his youngest daughter, and her no one will argue. In 1982, 17-year-old Stephanie got together with her mother in a car accident. Grace Kelly was killed, and the princess does not remember anything about the accident. 4 years after the tragedy Stefania released debut song Ouragan ( "Hurricane"), which became a hit. The princess was allowed even to make a video - and how! The most interesting thing starts at 2: 55 ...

Stefania recorded an album released a collection of swimsuits, and in 1995 married her bodyguard Daniel Dyukryue, whom she divorced in a year because of his betrayal. Two of the couple's children were born before the wedding the parents. Princess was short-lived marriage with a Portuguese circus acrobat (2003-2004). Between marriage Stephanie gave birth to a third child - again by a bodyguard.

Albert II of

Prince of Monaco

Scandalous royals

Before the wedding, with the swimmer Charlene Wittstock Prince Albert (son of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III) met with an incredible number of women. The waitress Tamara Rotolo bore him a daughter, Jasmine, which is currently building a career actress and singer, and the flight attendant Nicole Costa brings from Albert 13-year-old son. Knowing impermanence Prince, Charlene kept the defense for 11 years, is planning the engagement, then moving away from the groom. During the novel, Albert succeeded to the throne and became the prince of Monaco. In 2010 the wedding finally took place, and now the couple are raising twins.

Charlotte Casiraghi

32 years old, granddaughter of Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly

Scandalous royals

Charlotte Casiraghi - the daughter of Princess Caroline from his second marriage. She was brought up according to the rules of the royal court, she graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy at the Sorbonne, took under his wing several charitable projects. Charlotte is fluent in French, English, Italian, professionally engaged in horseback riding, and more - a son, which gave birth out of wedlock to a French actor Gad Elmaleh. Married to his first-born father, Charlotte did not come out.

In March 2018, Charlotte announced her engagement to French filmmaker Dimitri Rassam. The couple began dating when Rassam was still married! Due to the novel with the princess man divorced model Maria Novoselova native of Tula. In the former spouses is growing six-year old daughter, Daria.

Dimitry and Charlotte planned to get married last summer, but the triumph was delayed ... due to the pregnancy of the bride!