Useful drinks that replace harmful soda

Useful drinks that replace harmful soda

However, the long-awaited summer, be sure to come and exhausting heat. If drinking water have no strength, and soda is not enough, that does not quench thirst, so also promotes a set of extra kilos, then you have only one way out: to cook a delicious refreshing drink on their own. We have prepared for you a few simple, but very tasty recipes, which in the summer will be a real salvation.

The main advantages of the following drinks is that they can be in a few minutes to cook at home, and then take with you wherever you went.

1 drink with strawberries, lime and cucumber

Useful drinks that replace harmful soda

Tonic drink with strawberries, lime and cucumber. / Photo:

To prepare this drink, take strawberries (10 pieces of medium size will be sufficient), 2 limes medium-sized, 2 small cucumber, 1/4 cup fresh mint leaves, ice and mineral water without gas.

The jar must be mixed thin slices of cucumber and strawberry, ice and chopped mint leaves, then add ice water. To taste was more intense, fruit and vegetables should mash with a fork. After that, put a drink in the fridge for 60 minutes so that he could brew.

2. The beverage with strawberries with basil

Useful drinks that replace harmful soda

A refreshing drink with strawberries and basil. / Photo:

To prepare a tonic drink, we need 6 small strawberries, half a lemon, a bunch of basil medium-sized, gas and water without ice.

Slice the strawberries and lemon with thin slices or cubes, then put them in a jar. Add ice and shredded basil leaves. Mash fruits, so that they let the juice faster. The drink should insist at least an hour in the refrigerator. It is best to cook it in the evening. During the night all the ingredients will give your juice, flavor, and in the morning you can enjoy the wonderful taste of tonic drink.

3. lemonade with blueberries and orange

Useful drinks that replace harmful soda

A drink with blueberries and orange should insist at least 3 hours. / Photo:

For preparing the beverage summer except standard ice and lemon need only two ingredients: 2 oranges and a handful of blueberries. Citrus fruit must be cut into small pieces, put them in a jar, add blueberries, ice and water. To make lemonade saturated taste, blackberry mash fork. After preparation, place it in refrigerator for 3 hr. At the expiration of the time you will get a delicious drink that will quench your thirst in a few seconds.

4. A drink with watermelon and mint

Useful drinks that replace harmful soda

In order to get a tasty drink, watermelon mash with a fork. / Photo:

Mint is the perfect ingredient for a refreshing drink, as gives a welcome feeling of coolness. That is why there are so many recipes to its application. One of them is presented below.

To prepare a tasty and tonic, take pound watermelon, a small bunch of fresh mint, cold water without gas and a few ice cubes. Before you add all the ingredients in a jar with water and ice, cut the watermelon into small pieces, mint and tear the hands. Drink needs time to brew and get a full-bodied taste. Normally, 2-3 hours is enough for this.

5. Drink with rosemary, orange, lemon and cucumber

Useful drinks that replace harmful soda

Lemonade preparing at home for a few minutes. / Photo:

The recipe is suitable for those people who love the unusual flavor combinations. To prepare the lemonade, we need 2 oranges, 1 lemon, 1 cucumber, a few sprigs of fresh rosemary, non-carbonated water and ice. Fruits and vegetables should be cut into half rings, send them to the tank, mash with a fork, then add a few pieces of ice and rosemary. Pour the mixture of cool water and send it in the refrigerator overnight.

6. Lemonade with melon, lime and raspberry

Useful drinks that replace harmful soda

The taste of lemonade turns exotic. / Photo:

Recipe exotic beverage presupposes the following components: half melon medium size 3 small lime, 2 tablespoons sugar 1 cup raspberries, aerated water ice.

Before you cut the melon into cubes, it is necessary to get rid of the peel and seeds. Further, it should be put in a blender and make a paste. Mashed potatoes, which have turned out to be rubbed through a sieve, and the resulting juice is poured into a container and add 4 cups of mineral water. In a separate plate must be connected to the sugar and lime juice. After the sugar is dissolved, pour the liquid in the jug with melon juice, raspberry and place ice. Lemonade is to infuse for at least 5 hours and therefore advises to cook it before going to bed.

7. Lemonade with Mango, lime and mint

Useful drinks that replace harmful soda

In this drink added sugar or honey. / Photo:

For the preparation of homemade lemonade you will need 2 mangoes, 1 lime, 4 tablespoons of sugar or the same amount of honey, a bunch of fresh mint, non-carbonated water and a few ice cubes.

The whole process will take you a maximum of 5 minutes. We need to squeeze the juice from the lime, diced mango. Then put the fruit and mint in a blender, chop with a puree. The resulting mixture was put into a jar, add water, ice and sugar (honey). The beverage should infuse in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours acquisition saturated flavor.

8. A drink with watermelon and coconut

Useful drinks that replace harmful soda

An excellent choice for those who love coconut. / Photo:

Fans of coconut can cook a delicious summer drink with the addition of this ingredient. The recipe includes the following components: a pound watermelon, lime 2, 4 cup coconut water or coconut meat, aerated water ice.

Watermelon should be cleaned from the bones and skin and grind it in a blender to a state of pulp. The resulting puree should be carefully grind through a sieve. Juice which have formed after this procedure, it should be poured into the pitcher, mixed with the coconut water and lime juice. Drink do not need long to infuse in the refrigerator. One to two hours would be sufficient. Before serving, add the ice.