Folk omens for money vodilis

• Folk omens for money were carried out

You want to be rich? Listen to people's signs - that money were carried out, which passed from mouth to mouth, from generation to generation ...

Folk omens for money vodilis

A few simple rules that are easy to carry out that poverty has never knocked on your door!

1. Never baste the crumbs from the table by hand. It is necessary to sweep away the crumbs brush. Cloth than anything but hand.

2. She put the bread casually, he does not like it! And in a breadbox and bread on the table should be based on up top, as it was baked.

3. Never leave a half-eaten piece of bread. Better just to cut less, and more cut off a small piece of need.

4. Do not take out the trash out of the house after sunset.

5. Never borrow someone money after sunset. And do not give long after sunset. Do this at any time of the day, until the sun went down.

6. If, speaking conditionally, a neighbor asked for salt you (or whatever) in the evening, when the sun had dipped below the horizon - refuse, do not carry anything out of the house. If an old neighbor (or you, for some reason, this man is simply inconvenient to refuse), go to the store, buy what you have been asked to lend, and without having to go to his apartment, store the neighbor.

7. respectful to any money. Do not leave carelessly penny at the cash register, scornfully saying, "I'm tired of this little thing, nowhere to go." If you dropped penny - so that money were carried out, do not be lazy, bend and lift it! 8. banknotes in the purse fold neatly appreciated currency. Do not crease the money, do not crumple. Purse should be comfortable and you like it. It is better if the purse is bright. It is believed that red purse "attracts" money. However, the money will attract beautiful purse of any color. What's wrong, for example, black lacquered? Main: purse to attract money should be bright and expressive. And it is not necessary for it to be made of leather and very expensive cost.

9. Always with a pure mind and the heart to give alms. The only learn to distinguish those who really asks for life and did not begging their business. Post a money older person, the soul wishing him good health, always good.

10. If possible, leave a tip for people who have service - waiters, taxi drivers, hairdressers .... But if you can not leave a tip, it does not separate from the family budget money. Leave a tip for bragging rights or just because "so it is accepted" - bad.

11. Greed - a direct path to poverty. Sincere help other people necessarily return a hundredfold. Attention! Only without fanaticism! And more importantly - do not ever think, "This will give a coin to a beggar and I will be rewarded." Even in thought did not expect "pay" for the good deeds they do sincerely, at the call of the soul. Selfish thoughts - the same path to poverty.

12. Do not throw away leftover food - give to homeless animals, birds.